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STOCKCAP specialise in caps and plugs for thread protection, sealing, masking and finishing your products. They can supply push-in, screw-in, push-on and blank-off styles in flexible or rigid plastics to suit all your needs. Established in 1950, STOCKCAP ...
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Hytorc South Pacific offer Torque, tension bolting solutions, sales, repair, service, rental and bolting services.
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Kelvindale Products are an Australian Company specialising in the manufacture and supply of Protective Caps and Plugs. Kelvindale Products supply a range of Tapered Caps and Plugs, Non-Threaded Caps and Plugs, Threaded Caps and Plugs, Large Caps and ...
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Thin-wall heatshrink tubes
Supplier news
27/01/09 - The STOCKCAP range of heatshrink products now has a new range of Thin-wall (TW) heatshrink tubes.
Low Voltage (LV) Medium-wall (MW) Heatshrink tubes
Supplier news
29/10/08 - STOCKCAP have added a new range of Low Voltage (LV) Medium-wall (MW) Heatshrink tubes to their range of Heatshrink products.
Vinyl Flange Covers
Supplier news
07/07/06 - Stockcap ASA, FC & SR Flange Covers are designed to protect critical flange faces, preventing interior damage and contamination.
Stop bolts turning nuts
Supplier news
22/06/06 - HYTORC has released a washer that stops bolts from turning along with the nut. This invention converts torque to straight axial, the bolt stretch makes the nut turning-friction and the bolt load more predictable. To put it to the test, the Wood Group ...
Stop bolts turning with nuts
Supplier news
12/05/06 - Hytorc has invented what is said to be an inexpensive washer that stops bolts from turning along with the nut.

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