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Coldshield has been a specialist manufacturer of Thermal Traffic Doors, Flexible PVC Swing Doors, PVC Strip Curtains, Truck Sliding Curtain Systems and wholesaler of PVC since 1985.
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Custom made crash rails, w-beam guard rails, fixed bollards, removable bollards, parking bollards, portable barriers, barrier mesh, barricade tape and much more.
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Bump Rails
Supplier news
20/10/10 - Coldshield bump rails are suitable for protecting walls, doorways, pipe work, electrical cabinets, air conditioners, fire services and many other items from bumps and grinds.
Rubber tactile indicators
Supplier news
15/12/08 - Tactile indicators from Premier Workplace Solutions are designed to provide assistance for visually impaired pedestrians. Their colour and raised profile patterns are specifically designed to provide vision impaired pedestrians with warning of approaching ...
The hand trolley
Supplier news
11/12/08 - Premier Workplace Solutions offer two models of hand trolleys, the 150kg capacity trolley with 705x440mm platform size and the 250kg capacity trolley with 875x570mm platform size.
The visible orange traffic cones
Supplier news
08/12/08 - Premier Workplace Solutions offer a range of highly visible orange traffic cones in a variety of sizes. These cones are used by various Australian roads authorities.
The Eye and Face Wash Units
Supplier news
05/12/08 - Eye and Face Wash Units from Premier Workplace Solutions are used to protect the eyes. The eyewash unit can be used if the substances used in the workplace pose a hazard to the eyes (eg. dust, airborne particles) without endangering the skin of the face ...
The safcord cable cover
Supplier news
04/12/08 - Safcord cable covers from Premier Workplace Solutions provide a solution to secure electrical and data cables to looped carpet. This hook and loop method allows fastening the cords in place without the use of adhesives that leave messy residues on the ...

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