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Coupling Plugs

ATP offers large range flexible polyurethane hose and tubing, polyurethane multitube and multicoil hose.
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Allmach Pneumatic & Fluid Systems Pty Ltd has been an established family business in Sydney for over 20 years actively engaged in design, marketing and distribution of advanced piping systems and solutions to a broad cross section of the industry. ...
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Colour coded Con-X connector series
Supplier news
29/07/14 - Clarke & Severn Electronics announces the availability of a new range of nuts and coupling rings from Conxall featuring colour coding.
CEJN Soft-Line couplings
Supplier news
07/04/09 - CEJN Soft-Line, available from Allmach, ‘softens’ the edges of quick connect couplings, making them non-abrasive and less likely to cause damage to surrounding components and surfaces. They also protect couplings from impact, prolonging the service life ...
CEJN range of safety couplings and nipples
Supplier news
06/04/09 - CEJN range of safety couplings and nipples for pneumatic applications, available from Allmach, is designed to prevent hose whipping accidents. By venting the air prior to disconnection the sound level is also reduces to a minimum.
CEJN pneumatic couplings and nipples
Supplier news
03/04/09 - CEJN pneumatic couplings and nipples, available from Allmach, are designed to address the two most common causes of energy loss in compressed air systems, leaks and pressure drops.

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