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PCI Digital I/O with On-board Counter/Timers
Supplier news
21/05/09 - Ideal solution for Data Acquisition, Counting and Timing, Digital Control and Embedded Computing applications
New USB counter/timer module
Supplier news
20/10/08 - Firetail DAQ have announced the release of two new counter/timer devices for the USB bus from Measurement Computing. Firetail DAQ supply USB-4301 and USB-4303 from Measurement Computing. USB-4301 is a 5-channel, 16-bit counter/timer based on the powerful ...
The OCS Web Inspection system FSP600
Supplier news
13/10/08 - The OCS Web Inspection system FSP600 available from Rheology Solutions is a modular surface inspection system for use in production. The modular concept permits the use of several cameras working in parallel so that optimum adaptation can be achieved. ...
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC modular torque rheometer with the HAAKE CTW 100 QC twin-screw extruder
Supplier news
10/10/08 - The Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC modular torque rheometer with the HAAKE CTW 100 QC twin-screw extruder, available from Rheology Solutions, is used for continuous compounding and plasticising applications.
The PRISM EuroLab 16mm twin screw extruder
Supplier news
09/10/08 - The PRISM EuroLab 16mm modular twin screw extruder, available from Rheology Solutions, operates with sample batches of 50g up to outputs of 10 kg/h.
New multifunction USB data acquisition devices
Supplier news
06/11/07 - Firetail DAQ has released three new 1-MHz, 16-bit multifunction USB data acquisition devices, and a cost-saving expansion module for high channel count applications.
Texmate ICC400 system
Supplier news
06/11/07 - The Texmate ICC400 system consists of a CPU device with a wide range of communication options and analogue and digital IO modules to build the system required.
Fully automatic circular sawing machine
Supplier news
25/10/07 - The TubeMartTM CH-90 fully automatic circular sawing machine is ideally suited to smaller production runs due to its simple, flexible and ergonomic design.
Teseq NSG 437 drilling gun
Supplier news
03/10/07 - The new Teseq NSG 437 available from Westek Electronics is economic and easy to use.
NI LabVIEW embedded module
Supplier news
20/09/07 - National Instruments has announced the extension of the NI LabVIEW 8.5 graphical system design platform to new embedded targets with the release of the NI LabVIEW embedded module for ADI Blackfin processors 2.5 and the LabVIEW microprocessor SDK (Software ...
Supplier news
24/08/07 - Emergency telecommunications company, Adtec Communications, which developed the ALERTS (Adtec Linked Emergency Response Telephone System) technology specifically for emergency response, provides an insight into the areas that do require attention, especially ...
Safety cushion matting available from Adept Industrial Solutions
Supplier news
22/08/07 - The new safety cushion matting is available from Adept Industrial Solutions.

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