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ARM TC 16 Rebar cutters
Stainelec Rescue Tools
Introducing ARM Sangyo’s range of quality ARM Rebar Cutters; a precision tool designed to cut through 16mm high tensile rebar with ease.
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Stainelec has over 30 years experience with the Metal Fabrication and Electrical Trade Industries. We are committed in supplying quality hydraulic equipment to the Manufacturing sector, and are proud to have provided Kamekura hydraulic hole punching ...
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Specialise Force offer a number of products including Hydraulic Tools - Hydraulic Jacking Equipment - Rebar Cutters & Benders - Pipe & Tube Cutters & Benders - Battery Tools - Rail Maintenance & Construction Equipment - Powerline Stringing ...
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Stainelec Hydraulic imports, markets & distributes quality precision equipment to the Metal Fabrication, Construction & Building, Plumbing, Electrical & Switchboard Industries.  Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment has over 40 years experience and are ...
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Edilgrappa T22 rebar cutter
Supplier news
28/07/16 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents the Model T22 petrol body cordless high tensile rebar cutter designed to cut up to 22mm diameter material with ease.
Silvercut 16 cordless high tensile rebar cutter
Supplier news
08/07/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents new Silvercut 16 cordless high tensile rebar cutters from Edilgrappa.
ARM BC-16 electric/hydraulic cutter
Supplier news
15/03/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents ARM BC-16 electric/hydraulic cutters from ARM Sangyo-Japan.
ARM Sangyo 16mm rebar cutter
Supplier news
11/03/13 - The ARM Sangyo rebar cutters available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment are part of a range of hydraulic tools designed for cutting and swaging applications.
Edilgrappa MU16 container seal cutter
Supplier news
25/02/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces a new cordless container seal cutter from Edilgrappa.
Pro-Cut 12 cordless hydraulic rebar cutter
Supplier news
29/01/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces the new Pro-Cut 12 cordless battery hydraulic rebar cutters from Edilgrappa.
These cordless rebar cutters have a cutting speed of four seconds
Supplier news
26/09/12 - Japanese made ARM cordless rebar cutters from Specialised Force have a cutting speed of four seconds and a high quality steel blade.
Edilgrappa's new MU16 cordless rebar cutter
Supplier news
20/07/12 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents the MU16 cordless rebar cutters from Edilgrappa.
ORC-19DF 20mm cordless rebar cutters use Li-ion batteries for a significantly improved charge life
Supplier news
09/12/11 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment now stocks Ogura's ORC-19DF 20mm cordless rebar cutters that have been designed for use in rescue situations.
Ogura ORC-16DF 16mm Cordless Rebar Cutter
Supplier news
14/03/11 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment supplies the Ogura ORC-16DF 16mm cordless rebar cutters designed for use in construction and rescue applications.
Edilgrappa MU16 Cordless Rebar Cutter
Supplier news
11/03/11 - The Edilgrappa MU16 cordless rebar cutters suitable for rescue work as well as cutting container seals and bolts are now available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment.
Ogura cordless rebar cutter
Supplier news
10/11/09 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment now supply the new model Ogura ORC-19DF 20mm cordless hydraulic rebar and rod cutter.

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