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Hurll Nu-Way launches new website
Supplier news
26/10/12 - Hurll Nu-Way has launched a brand new website featuring a revamped design, user-friendly navigation and informative product sections.
Combustion and burner systems designed to reduce energy usage
Supplier news
08/10/12 - Hurll Nu-Way offers combustion systems that are purpose built to solve particular problems.
HNW offers energy savings in process combustion and process heating systems
Supplier news
11/09/12 - Hurll Nu-Way custom designs energy-saving combustion systems to suit specific application requirements.
Hurll Nu-Way’s infrared heaters are ideal for outdoor cafes in winter
Supplier news
23/08/12 - Hurll Nu-Way presents a range of products to help keep warm this winter including infrared heaters, condensing boilers and air handlers.
Silicone seals for commercial oven doors
Supplier news
26/07/12 - Jehbco Manufacturing is renowned for its high quality silicone products, and these silicone seals designed for use with commercial oven doors are no exception.
A2O advanced automated osmometer
Supplier news
30/04/12 - The new A2O advanced automated osmometer from Advanced Instruments is a range of fully automated, multi-sample osmometers incorporating intelligent liquid handling technology.
The new HES series of refrigerated air dryers from Hankinson
Supplier news
13/04/12 - Hankinson has recently released the HES Series of high capacity refrigerated air dryers, available in Australia exclusively from Basil V R Greatrex
Vacucenter VC 50 vacuum drying oven
Supplier news
11/04/12 - Available from Scitek Australia, SalvisLab Vacucenter is a new generation of vacuum drying ovens designed for gentle yet fast drying of oxidation-sensitive or thermally instable products.
Model 2300 smoke ovens have a temperature range to 160°C, with a 200°C option for baking and roasting
Supplier news
16/02/12 - Smo-King Ovens' model 2300 large capacity smoke ovens have a capacity of around 380kg of heavy meat cuts, making them a cost effective solution for hot smoking or cooking larger volumes of food.
MasterTherm batch fryer shown with hood in the open position
Supplier news
08/02/12 - Heat and Control has introduced new MasterTherm batch fryers that are capable of producing 500 pounds of finished, batch fried potato chips in almost any style per hour.
RotaTherm Continuous Cooker
Supplier news
06/02/12 - Gold Peg International will be exhibiting its cooking technologies at the Anuga Foodtec 2012 in Cologne, Germany.
Gold Peg’s Natural Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher
Supplier news
27/01/12 - Gold Peg International presents the GPiCS natural mozzarella cooker stretchers designed specifically for manufacturing Mozzarella cheese and Pasta Filata varieties.

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