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Conventional Cables

Weidmuller is a leading manufacturer of components for electrical connection technology including Terminal Blocks, Marking Systems, Heavy Duty Connectors, PCB Components, Sensor-Actuator-Distributors, Electronics Products, Tools, Enclosures and Customised ...
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Belden Australia is a global leader in end-to-end signal transmission solutions for data, video and sound applications. It has a comprehensive range of cable, connectivity and networking products that provide high performance, reliable communications ...
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ERICO manufacture engineered products for electrical, mechanical, commercial and industrial, rail and utility applications. Products include electrical fixings, fasteners and supports, low voltage power distribution, concrete product, mechanical fixings, ...
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Belden’s Variable frequency Drive cables
Supplier news
08/09/08 - Belden’s VFD cables series of 1000V UL flexible motor supply cables in gauge sizes from 16-4/0 provide the robust construction required to deliver better electrical performance and reliability, even in demanding industrial environments.
Flexibar -- various widths available.
Supplier news
06/05/04 - THE Eriflex range of Flexibar insulated flexible busbar, available from NHP, is suitable for "dropper" or "take off" applications from 125 to 3500 amps. The rectangular design eliminates the need to terminate with crimped lugs and allows greater flexibility ...
Weidmuller’s SAI-Combi module.
Supplier news
12/03/03 - SENSOR-actuator integrators with bus systems combine two fundamental concepts: on the spot assembly and pluggable connection technology with efficient wiring of the bus. However, the bus station itself is the weak link in some applications, and frequently ...

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