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Rabbit 5000 microprocessor is part of the new MiniCore series
Supplier news
19/11/08 - Recently released, the new MiniCore series and Rabbit 5000 are optimized for real-time control, communications and networking applications such as energy management and intelligent building automation.
The spindle driven cantilever axis EGSA
Supplier news
14/11/08 - The spindle driven cantilever axis EGSA, available from Festo, reduces cycle times to the absolute minimum. High-performance mechanical components and a wide choice of motors ensure the ideal answer to the needs of any application.
VPPM Proportional pressure regulator
Supplier news
13/11/08 - The VPPM Proportional pressure regulator, available from Festo, has the right parameters for every application. In-line or flange versions, current-or voltage actuated, connection to field bus/Ethernet through a CPX terminal are a few benefits of the ...
Wide Temperature Computers
Supplier news
06/11/08 - Many industrial computers are now available that can operate reliably in temperature ranges as wide as - 40° to 75°C.
iButton Thermochrons temperature loggers
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05/11/08 - The iButton Thermochrons temperature loggers are an alternative to thermometers, probes and clipboards and can save time. By using the iButton Thermochrons temperature loggers, the companies can take periodic readings to record the time and temperature ...
UPS to minimise blackout effects
Supplier news
04/11/08 - Dueltek Computer Products offer UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that can be attached to a user’s computer.
Comark N3014 multichannel portable data logger
Supplier news
03/11/08 - Comark have released the N3014 multichannel portable data logger. It has universal thermocouple inputs with standard sub miniature connectors and covers temperatures from –200° to 1750°C using the appropriate thermocouple type. These multichannel portable ...
Raritan Dominion PX PDU
Supplier news
03/11/08 - Raritan have designed Dominion PX, which is an advanced Power Distribution Unit (PDU), to address the power issues in data centres that include increasing power costs, limited power availability to high-density server rooms and the impact on data-centre ...
Raritan Dominion KX2-116 KVM-over-IP switch
Supplier news
31/10/08 - Dueltek Computer Products offer the Raritan Dominion KX2-116 KVM-over-IP switch that provides one remote and one local user with BIOS-level access and control of up to 16 servers. The Raritan Dominion KX2-116 KVM-over-IP switch is an affordable appliance ...
FastLab temperature calibration laboratory
Supplier news
31/10/08 - ECEFast, manufacturer of temperature probes, and supplier of thermocouple wires and accessories, also operate a temperature calibration laboratory. The temperature calibration laboratory operates under the name FastLab and provides both on-site and laboratory ...
CM-9930 clamp meter
Supplier news
30/10/08 - ECEFast have announced the release of a new IEC Cat 111 1000V AC/DC clamp meter with additional functions. The CM-9930 reads accurate RMS - AC volts and AC amps along with frequency, capacitance, resistance, and DC voltage and current.
Dueltek piggyback power cable
Supplier news
30/10/08 - Dueltek piggyback power cables provide a cable that plugs into the wall and also has the facility to connect another into the same socket.

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