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MiniBridge Cable-to-Cable Connection
Supplier news
27/07/09 - The ERNI MiniBridge product line opens the door for several additional fields of application.
Ecco Wall Cabinets by Dueltek
Supplier news
27/07/09 - Cost effective cabinets to suit most home & small office environments
ERNI Electronics Offers a Broad Portfolio of DIN-Rail-Enclosures for Industrial and Building Automation
Supplier news
17/07/09 - ERNI Electronics continues to expand its popular and well-established 1.27mm SMC connector family with new adapters.
A-size powerfast™ connectors
Supplier news
24/06/09 - Turck Australia introduce the new A-Size 3- and 4-pin 7/8 16UN powerfast™ connectors, that can provide up to 600 Volts and 15 Amps of power in a time-saving, modular wiring design.
Dueltek distribution plate
Supplier news
19/05/09 - Dueltek Computer Products’ range of Clipsal 2000 standard AV wall plates can be custom designed to suit the home theatre setup.
FM approved quick disconnect sensor-cordset combination
Supplier news
18/05/09 - Turck Australia have expanded their offering of FM approved 12mm, 18mm and 30mm 3-wire DC barrel sensor and cordset combinations. Now, quick disconnect sensors may be used in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D environments when equipped with a ...
MicroStac connectors
Supplier news
04/05/09 - ERNI Electronics have expanded their 0.8mm MicroStac SMT connector series to include a 10 (single row) and 54 pin (dual row) version. The MicroStac SMT connector series, available from ERNTEC, is base
Board-to-cable connectors
Supplier news
30/04/09 - Erntec's LPV family of IEC 60603-13 (DIN 41651) compliant connectors offers a spectrum of board-to-cable connectors with a 2.54mm pitch.
Industrial circular connectors with quick locking system
Supplier news
03/04/09 - Coninvers circular connectors of the series ConPower P20 (M17) and ConPower P70 (M40) is available from Erntec.
M23 signal connectors of the RC series
Supplier news
02/04/09 - Panel mounting connectors with knurled nuts make system parts and control cabinets ‘pluggable’.
LDG-S4 DIN Rail enclosure
Supplier news
31/03/09 - The LDG-S series of DIN Rail enclosures, available from Erntec, are insulated enclosures according to the specifications of the machinery and automotive industries.
LDG-S2 DIN Rail enclosure
Supplier news
30/03/09 - The LDG-S series of DIN Rail enclosures are insulated enclosures according to the specifications of the machinery and the automotive industries. The LDG-S series of DIN Rail enclosures are designed for easy snap-on assembly onto DIN-rails by an integrated ...

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