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Concrete Cleaners

Enzymes/bacteria to remove/treat hydrocarbon/organic waste.
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A four head grinder at the Pace Farm's plant
Supplier news
26/07/16 - Equipment from Kennards Concrete Care has been cost effective to Bedrocx, particularly in their early years, when most businesses are under capitalized.
Kevin Camer uses a ride-on shot blaster from Kennards Concrete Care to prepare the floor of the assembly plant
Supplier news
24/07/16 - Kennards Concrete Care supplied a ride-on shot blaster to The Superseal Group for preparing 2400m² of concrete flooring for a new topping.
Opening of Second Kennards Concrete Hire in Moorebank
Supplier news
24/07/16 - Kennards Concrete Care have opened their second Sydney hire centre in Moorebank to cater to South-Western and Western suburbs.
The unit can cover up to 325 square metres per hour.
Supplier news
24/07/16 - Kennards Concrete Care now offers a new ride-on shot blaster for hire.
Enzymes break down the oil molecules, leaving a clean slate of concrete.
Supplier news
02/11/05 - BIOLOGICAL Oil Removal has launched a fast, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to oil-stained concrete. ReKRETE waterless concrete cleaner can clean oil from concrete without water

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