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Concrete Anchors

Shear stud connectors from Studco
Studco provide Nelson Shear Connectors for usage in Steel-Concrete composite structures. Shear Connectors act as reinforcing members, locking the support structure to the conc
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Height Safety Anchors
Height safety anchors, static line and ladder systems featuring the Energy Absorbing Eyebolt are designed and built for specific uses.
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Spill Station Australia
Spill Station Australia are manufacturers of Spill Response Kits as well as absorbents for oil, fuel, acids, caustics, solvents and agricultural chemicals. Spill Station is the exclusive distributor of the Romold Ltd range of secondary containment equipment ...
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Studco is an Australian owned stud welding company established over 20 years ago and is the sole Australian Distributor of the Nelson range of Stud Welding Products which includes Nelson Shear Connectors, threaded arc studs and the Nelweld Stud Welding ...
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Capital Safety, a 3M Company, is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and training provider solely dedicated to providing innovative solutions in fall protection. Through its leading operating brands, DBI-SALA ® and PROTECTA ® , Capital Safety ...
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MANTA RAY anchors are driven into the ground, not augured or torqued, nor is a hole dug or drilled. There is "no disturbance" or "displacement" of soil. Unlike other anchoring systems, MANTA RAY actually compacts the soil around itself a clean, safe ...
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SafetyLink™  has been operating as a manufacturer of Height Safety equipment for over a decade. Our product range includes safety anchors, static line systems, permanent ladder systems and ladder stabilisers.
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Concrete detent anchor
Supplier news
18/06/09 - DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, has launched the concrete detent anchor. The concrete detent anchor is constructed from rugged, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the detent anchor provides a simp
Stands 65mm high but compresses to 3mm.
Supplier news
09/06/05 - SPILL Station Australia has released drive-over bunding constructed of high-density foam encased in oil-resistant PVC. It stands 65mm high but compresses to just 3mm to minimise any problems when being driven over by a loaded forklift. The bunding then ...

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