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Compostable Packaging

Cellulose-based, renewable packaging films
Innovia Films
NatureFlex™ Renwable and Compostable Packaging Films are environmentally friendly plastics that can be used for food packaging, labelling, sachets or wrapping
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BioPak provide Australian companies sustainable packaging solutions specific to the food service industry. All packaging products are made from biodegradable materials and renewable resources. Packaging products include coffee cups, containers, ...
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Innovia Films are manufacturers of two ‘families’ of speciality products supplied into the packaging, labels, tobacco overwrap and securities markets - Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Cellulose based films. Their product range ...
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The Nanjing manufacturing facility has increased Cardia’s bag making capacity to 100 million bags a year
24/06/14 - Cardia Bioplastics Limited has expanded its manufacturing operations by moving to an upgraded purpose-built production facility in Nanjing, China.
The Farmer First pack from Pistol & Burnes is a laminate construction of compostable NatureFlex film to paper, converted by Genpak
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24/10/12 - The cellulose based NatureFlex compostable film from Innovia Films is being used by Pistol & Burnes, a leading Canadian coffee roasting company to pack their Farmer First brand of coffee.
An example of BioPak's starch based compostable bags
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08/10/12 - In response to a report predicting increased demand for biodegradable plastics, Ferret.com.au looks at the relevant Australian standard, and some products that comply with it.
BioNet is manufactured using a starch based biopolymer, and can be easily extruded using existing equipment
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24/08/12 - While established packaging companies have had to reassess their carbon footprint under the Packaging Covenant, companies such as BioPak have always embraced sustainability.
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02/07/12 - Leading international producer of speciality substrates, Innovia Films has launched a new website focusing specifically on its compostable, cellulose-based product, NatureFlex.
NatureFlex NVS film, converted by Corapack, wraps fruit portions for distribution in Italy, as part of the EU funded ‘Frutta nelle Scuole’ project
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13/04/12 - NatureFlex NVS, a compostable, cellulose-based material from Innovia Films is helping spread the message of healthy eating in Italian schools.
Compostable and transparent NatureFlex NE is used to wrap the premium confectionery for Miss Muffet & Co
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05/03/12 - NatureFlex, the compostable cellulose-based packaging film from Innovia Films has been selected by leading UK confectioner, Miss Muffet & Co to wrap its range of fairy-tale and nursery rhyme inspired
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20/01/12 - The Australasian Bioplastics Association administers a voluntary certification scheme that provides an assurance that products are compostable, and compliant with AS 4736-2006 and AS 5810-2010.
NatureFlex compostable films have been chosen for the packaging of flower bulbs
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15/06/11 - Available now from Innovia Films, NatureFlex NVS transparent, cellulose-based compost packaging film has recently been chosen by Dutch exporters for the packaging of their range of flower bulbs.
Clear PLA biodegradable containers
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02/05/11 - The unique blend of physical properties of Ingeo biopolymer makes it well suited for rigid thermoformed food and beverage containers.

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