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4 Module Miniature Enclosures
Supplier news
06/11/08 - The series 700 enclosures for M36 DIN-Rail mounting available from Erntec has 4 modules. These enclosure series are designed for modern applications as for instance housing management equipment, relays for measurement, modular time switches, light switching ...
Supplier news
06/11/08 - Mechtric are providers of different types of industrial warning lights grouped under rotating beacons. Model RA, model EHS, model EHB, rotalarm, AT/R5H1, MR series, babyrot H, model RM and blindo rotalarm are the different types of rotating beacons.
The IDG-B DIN miniature enclosure
Supplier news
05/11/08 - The IDG-B DIN miniature enclosures from Erntec are fully insulated and fulfil the requirements of the machinery and car industry. The enclosures have the installation width of 35 mm for the IDG-B2, 70 mm for the IDG-B4, 105 mm for the IDG-B6 and 157 ...
The LDG-A miniature enclosure
Supplier news
04/11/08 - The LDG-A miniature enclosures from Erntec are engineered for quick and easy installation for standard DIN-rail or screw mounting. These non-metallic enclosures are ideal for housing electrical, electronic and electromechanical devices such as sensors, ...
IDG-A miniature enclosures
Supplier news
03/11/08 - IDG-A miniature enclosures, available from Erntec, have been designed for modern applications in housing management equipment, measurement relays, modular time switches, light switching units and for modules in decentralised automation.
LDG-S series of DIN Rail miniature enclosures
Supplier news
31/10/08 - The LDG-S series of miniature enclosures, available from Erntec, are fully insulated enclosures according to the specifications of the machinery and the automotive industries.
MaxiBridge cable connectors
Supplier news
30/10/08 - The MaxiBridge connector family, available from Erntec, is designed with four mechanical keying options in four different colours (red, green, black and blue) to provide fast, accurate installation that is completed with a loud audible click.
Circular connectors
Supplier news
29/10/08 - Erntec offer plug and turn for circular connectors, which provide the following advantages: Quick locking system for signal and power transmission in the field of device connection technology/drive engineering, measuring technology and medical technology. ...
THR pin headers
Supplier news
28/10/08 - The THR pin headers available from Erntec are in accordance with the IEC 603-13 and are standard for the connection of printed circuit boards or between interfaces. The THR (Thru Hole Reflow) pin headers are designed for modules with SMT assemblies. ...
The Series 450 miniature enclosures
Supplier news
27/10/08 - Erntec distribute the series 450 miniature enclosure, which was developed for M36 DIN-rail fitting with the feature to fit PCBs inside the enclosure, as it is in standard edition fitted with several PCB tracks.
EOne Pressure Sewer Systems
Supplier news
24/10/08 - EPG Pumps, Australia’s well-known pump distributor, introduce the EOne Pressure Sewer Systems to their portfolio of pump products in NSW, QLD, VIC, and SA. The EOne Pressure Sewer Systems are able to transport wastewater horizontally more than 3km and/or ...
Right Angle Connector System
Supplier news
23/10/08 - The Right Angle PCIe connector available from Erntec is identical to the standard vertical mount configuration. The connector pins are insert molded into the connector to allow for exact registration of the contacts on both the daughter card side and ...

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