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Malcolm Lewis, Managing Director at the Australian Bulk Handling Awards function
Supplier news
18/12/08 - Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) have been honoured at the Australian Bulk Handling Awards for their commitment to the Australasian market. The award comes as Bonfiglioli celebrate their 20th anniversary of operation in Australia and 10th anniversary ...
ECOGEHR Bioplastics
Supplier news
15/12/08 - Bio-based plastics are plastics that are obtained from at least 20% renewable raw materials. Dotmar EPP have introduced the new range of ECOGEHR Bioplastics that includes 9 different ‘green’ materials based on PLA, cellulose, wood fibres or castor oil.
Supplier news
04/12/08 - The System Plast conveyor component range, available from Dotmar EPP, includes profiles, connectors and accessories and offers numerous possibilities for designing and creating machine guards in simple, effective and efficient way.
FTB miniature drive systems
Supplier news
02/12/08 - Thin profile DC motors from Erntec are slim and therefore ideal for applications with a minimum of space.
Malcolm Lewis, Managing Director, Bonfiglioli Australasia
Supplier news
01/12/08 - Bonfiglioli, manufacturers of industrial heavy duty motors and drives, have announced expansion of their Asia Pacific and Australasian operations. Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust), the Australian arm of Bonfiglioli, have set up a permanent office in Singapore ...
AM 2224 compact power house stepper motor
Supplier news
01/12/08 - The 2-phase miniature stepper motor, available from Erntec, has a diameter of 22mm and a high power-to-volume ratio. In order to also have the advantages of this motor technology where more torque is required, the AM 2224 is available with matching speed ...
Stepper Motors
Supplier news
28/11/08 - ARSAPE offer stepper motors with lead screws or hollow shafts. These stepper motors are available from Erntec.
4490 BS series and 4490 B series of DC-servomotors
Supplier news
27/11/08 - The 4490 BS series DC-servomotors are available from Erntec. Externally there is no difference between the ‘B’ series motors and the new ‘BS’ series.
Miniature drive systems
Supplier news
26/11/08 - FAULHABER Group, represented by Erntec in Australia, offer power-efficient series of miniature drive systems. Three Hall sensors detect the position of the rotor by evaluating its magnetic field, which, with their output signals, constitute the basis ...
DC-Micromotor Type 0615
Supplier news
25/11/08 - The ironless DC-Micromotor, Type 0615 measures 6mm in diametre, 15mm in length and weighs 2g. It is available from Erntec. The DC-Micromotors are available in nominal voltages of 1.5, 3 and 4.5VDC, with no-load speeds of 19,900 rpm, stall torque of 0,23mNm ...
Precision miniature DC-Micromotors and Gearheads
Supplier news
24/11/08 - With a diameter of only 26mm, a new family of precision miniature DC-Micromotors and Gearheads, which offers a compact high-performance drive package, is available from Erntec.
Microdrive system Ø 1.9mm
Supplier news
21/11/08 - Microdrive system Ø 1.9 mm is a small Motor and Planetary Gearhead Ø 1.9mm produced in series for demanding microdrive applications. The objective of this development is to open up an entirely new field of applications, which were previously out of reach ...

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