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Bracket system for Altrac rail system
Supplier news
31/08/10 - Easy to assemble, complete bracket system for Altrac from Bomac Engineering.
Small electromagnets
Supplier news
11/08/10 - Serpent & Dove are experts in 'Finding Ways With Magnets', so much so that it is their company motto, and many of those ‘ways’ involve their range of small electromagnets.
Toggle locators
Supplier news
10/08/10 - Now available from Maxiloc Tooling, toggle locators are used to support and clamp workpieces when irregular shapes and or surfaces present positive engagement challenges.
Stainless steel hardware for boat builders
Supplier news
09/08/10 - Maxiloc Tooling now have available a range of Kipp stainless steel hardware for the boat building industry.
Workhold type clamping tools from Maxiloc Tooling
Supplier news
05/08/10 - Maxiloc Tooling now have available a range of workhold type clamping tools from AMF and Kipp.
AMF Pneumatic Toggle Clamps
Supplier news
04/08/10 - Maxiloc Tooling Pty Ltd supplies AMF pneumatic toggle clamps that offer definite advantages over manual models.
Crocodile Clamp
Supplier news
30/07/10 - Maxiloc Tooling Pty Ltd supplies the newly introduced crocodile clamps from AMF for injection moulding and press tools applications.
Supplier news
28/07/10 - Maxiloc Tooling Pty Ltd is a distributor for AMF Combiclamp, a new product innovation designed for welding operations.
Magro-Pad clamping magnets now available from Serpent & Dove
Supplier news
08/02/10 - These magnetic clamping blocks from Serpent & Done provide magnetic strength with surface protection and added slip resistance.
Easy Mag magnetic square for welding
Supplier news
17/12/09 - Now available from Magnet Sales Australia, the Easy Mag magnetic square is a safe magnetic device which clamps together pieces of steel for secure and easy welding.
Supplier news
15/12/09 - The Australian operations of Bolzoni Auramo have responded to forklift dealers’ requirements for faster deliveries and turnaround of forklift attachments.
The compact mini electronic magnifier now available from Redbank Instruments
Supplier news
11/11/09 - The Compact mini electronic magnifier is the smallest and lightest video magnifier offered by Redbank Instruments, designed as a simple and effective, high contrast alternative to a traditional optica

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