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Clamping Magnets

Magnetic Chucks and Workholding Equipment from Serpent & Dove
Serpent & Dove
Serpent & Dove provide a complete range of Tecnomagnete permanent electro-magnetic clamping systems and magnetic chucks for workholding in all milling, grinding, machining and
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Magnet Sales Australia
Magnet Sales Australia are distributors of high quality magnetic equipment for the welding, fabrication, woodworking and lifting industries. With a direct focus on improving the safety, efficiency and productivity of industrial operations, we provide ...
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Maglab Magnets provide magnetic lime fighters which are low cost and maintenance free, controlling of damaging scale without using chemicals. Water passing through alternative permanent magnetic fields causes hardness salts in water (calcium, magnesium) ...
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Serpent & Dove provide rare earth Grate Magnets and Plate Magnets remove ‘Tramp Iron’ from grain, powders and plastics. Tramp Iron Magnets over conveyors protect downstream equipment. Lifting magnets make steel handling safer and magnetic ...
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Magro-Pad Magnetic Clamps
Supplier news
28/09/10 - The Magro-Pad magnetic clamps feature rare earth magnet elements arranged on a steel backing bar to provide strong clamping capabilites even on thin steel surfaces.
Magro-Pad clamping magnets now available from Serpent & Dove
Supplier news
08/02/10 - These magnetic clamping blocks from Serpent & Done provide magnetic strength with surface protection and added slip resistance.
Lifting magnets
Supplier news
14/01/10 - The MaxX series of lifting magnets from Tecnomagnete feature safety as a priority. They use patented ‘neutral crown’ technology, focussing all of the magnetic energy available for lifting, at the face
Switch-A-Mag turns on and off to clamp steel work-pieces
Supplier news
21/07/09 - On/Off permanent magnetic clamp is versatile and practical- No electric power required
Prolift lifting magnets
Supplier news
01/07/09 - Magnet sales Australia have been successful in the sale of many Prolift lifting magnets in the last financial year due to the user friendly nature of the range of prolift lifting magnets.
COGELME Overbelt magnetic separators for recycling
Supplier news
29/05/09 - Magnet sales Australia are the Australian distributor of a range of high intensity Italian built Overbelt self cleaning magnetic separators for extraction of ferrous pieces and contamination specialising in recycled waste and other conveyed product.
lifting magnet load testing service
Supplier news
09/04/09 - Magnet Sales Australia provide service for load strength testing of lifting magnets to enable companies using lifting magnets to keep a regular check on their lifting magnets safety and safe lifting capacities as specified in Australian Standard AS 4991 ...
Magnetic lifting system
Supplier news
17/03/09 - Tecnomagnete of Italy, represented in Australia by Serpent & Dove have introduced a magnetic lifting system that is suitable for operations, where vertically stored steel plates need to be lifted and transferred to horizontal attitude or vice versa.
Overbelt magnetic separator
Supplier news
06/01/09 - Magnet Sales Australia have become the Australian distributors of a range of high intensity overbelt self cleaning magnetic separators for the extraction of ferrous pieces and contamination from mined substances such as coal, recycled waste and other ...
Casting being machined while clamped horizontally.
Supplier news
19/05/05 - TECNOMAGNETE, represented in Australia by Serpent and Dove, has released Quadsystem, allowing steel workpieces of all sizes to be accurately and rigidly secured magnetically for machining in the verti

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