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Safety training workshop
Supplier news
02/06/09 - ABB Australia have announced a new series of training workshops that highlight safety considerations for robotic production systems. These one day workshops are designed to satisfy the needs of manufa
TAT7 series of amplifiers
Supplier news
30/04/09 - TriAccess Technologies have developed a product line of RFIC products designed to meet the RF requirements of DOCSIS based Edge QAM systems. TriAccess Technologies’ RFIC products, available from Clarke & Severn Electronics, reduce power consumption and ...
StudioPatch series audio patchbays
Supplier news
23/04/09 - StudioPatch series audio patchbays, available from Clarke & Severn Electronics, utilise Switchcraft's EZ Norm technology, allowing signal flow to be changed from the front of the patchbay using a standard screwdriver.
Supplier news
21/04/09 - Eaton Electric Systems have launched the 9395 825kVA UPS, their newest addition to Powerware UPS series. The 9395 825kVA UPS builds on the core capabilities provided by the company’s 275kVA and 550kVA
Nano circular series of connectors
Supplier news
15/04/09 - The Nano circular series, available from Clarke & Severn Electronics, utilises the Omnetics' rugged Flex-Pin contact system. Spaced on 25 mil (.64mm) centre lines and a 9.0mm mated length, these Nano connectors are small Mil-quality circular connectors.
ODU mini-snap push-pull thermal connectors
Supplier news
14/04/09 - ODU mini-snap push-pull thermal connectors, available from Clarke & Severn Electronics, play an important role in recording of temperatures. ODU mini-snap push-pull thermal connectors record new compo
EN3 Quick Disconnect option
Supplier news
09/04/09 - Switchcraft have announced advanced overmould options for the EN3 line of products. These two new EN3 options, available from Clarke & Severn Electronics, have a rugged construction, making the overmoulded connectors suitable for harsh environments.
Medi-Snap High Voltage connectors
Supplier news
08/04/09 - ODU, the connector specialist from Mühldorf, Germany as an alternative to Lemo, have developed a new 3-position Hi-Voltage insert for the ODU MEDI-SNAP product series of cylindrical connectors with a
Mini-Circuits signal distribution system
Supplier news
07/04/09 - Mini-Circuits design and manufacture custom signal distribution systems covering bands from 10Mhz to 10 GHz. These distribution systems are available from Clarke & Severn Electronics. Making use of standard-off the shelf splitter/combiner networks, Mini-Circuits ...
ODU ROB robot-compatible connectors
Supplier news
03/04/09 - According to Clarke & Severn Electronics, industrial robot systems and units must be flexible. The breakdown of one part is not permitted to bring a production line in the automotive industry to a standstill because of the high costs that could result.
SC800 converters
Supplier news
02/04/09 - The Switchcraft SC800, available from Clarke & Severn Electronics, converts the outputs of high impedance line level audio devices and musical instruments to low impedance, balanced and isolated microphone level signals that can be connected to audio ...
PSF109S high-current vacuum switch
Supplier news
26/03/09 - The PSF109S high-current vacuum switch, available from Koloona Industries, features new controllable hysteresis (deadband) and a wide-range field adjustable set point.

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