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Novaris surge circuit breakers
Supplier news
26/05/17 - Control Logic introduces a new range of surge circuit breakers designed specifically for surge protection devices to offer protection against lightning.
Ekip Connect application to program the Ekip Touch trip units from a tablet, smartphone or portable PC
Supplier news
12/12/14 - ABB has introduced a new load management software designed to help commercial and industrial buildings optimise power consumption.
pocket sized CEL-620 octave band analyser
Supplier news
24/11/14 - Casella CEL have developed a new pocket sized high resolution colour-coded display system for sound level meters.
Agilent 81150A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator
Supplier news
24/11/14 - Agilent 81150A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator, is a new 3-in-1 signal source, which includes accurate pulse, function arbitrary and noise
CEL-350 dBadge noise dosimeter
Supplier news
24/11/14 - With advancement in digital technology, noise dosimeters are becoming smaller and smaller.
The Agilent Infiniium 86100C DCA-J wideband oscilloscope
Supplier news
24/11/14 - The Agilent Infiniium 86100C DCA-J wideband oscilloscope is a sampling oscilloscope available from TRIO Test & Measurement.
Yokogawa DLM2000 Series oscilloscopes
Supplier news
24/11/14 - Yokogawa DLM2000 is a mid-range laboratory oscilloscope.
The Casella Microdust Pro Real-time dust monitor
Supplier news
24/11/14 - The Microdust pro from Casella CEL is a portable, real-time monitor for assessing the concentration of suspended particulate matter.
Centellax Modular 10G BER test systems
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24/11/14 - The Centellax Modular 10G BER test system is designed for device characterisation, research and development testing, production testing, and lab use.
A key advantage of electronic circuit breakers is the precise tripping in the event of an error
Supplier news
17/09/14 - Phoenix Contact introduces a new range of electronic device circuit breakers designed to offer an inverted status output.
ABB's Emax 2 breaker
Supplier news
02/04/14 - The Emax 2 circuit breaker, an ABB innovation launched in 2013 has won the Red Dot Product Design Award for excellence in product design.
The Acti 9 series from Schneider Electric now available from RS Components for same-day despatch
Supplier news
21/11/13 - RS Components (RS) has added the Acti 9 power distribution system to its inventory of Schneider Electric products.

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