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Press brakes and guillotines
Supplier news
06/04/09 - Maxitec supply press brakes and guillotines. Modular Wall Systems consulted Maxitec for an appropriate equipment to expand their capacities and for ongoing technical support. Modular Wall Systems are selling the equipment to various industries including ...
Supplier news
23/03/09 - Smithweld will showcase a range of semi-automated and fully-automated welding processes and associated machinery in Australia on Stand 3920 in the Weldtech Pavilion during National Manufacturing Week
InspecVision Planar 3D Optical Probe
Supplier news
17/02/09 - Sheetmetal machinery specialists, Maxitec, have made available a technology, which gives all sizes of fabrication companies the capability of a 3D CMM arm to a planar machine.The Optical Probe can be retrofitted to many existing InspecVision parts inspection ...
Supplier news
10/12/08 - Sheetmetal manufacturers have been given a tool to more efficiently gather inventory parts and assemblies during production. The JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) Lite, distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by Maxitec, is suitable in operations ...
Reverse engineering technology
Supplier news
02/12/08 - Maxitec have expanded their reverse engineering technology due to a collaboration between two companies for which they act as a supplier in Australia and New Zealand.
CAD and nesting integration
Supplier news
01/12/08 - A growing number of Maxitec clients are working with autoPOL and JETCAM technologies, so the technical alliance will give customers solutions with more efficiency, along with a manageable and scalable environment. Users will be able to automatically ...
Snapshot for engineering diagrams
Supplier news
28/11/08 - The fabrication sector is armed with a new tool known as re-engineering, which does away with engineering drawings altogether. Supplier of this technology, Maxitec deal in sheet metal machinery, where an entire job design is performed in a digital environment ...
Supplier news
13/11/08 - Laser Resources’ partner, DILAS Industrial Laser Systems, have announced the power extension to 500W, 400µm fiber at 980nm for the COMPACT Series, a product line of fiber-coupled, turnkey diode laser systems. Fakuma 2008 in Friedrichshafen, Germany held ...

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