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Asia Model 330 flow chemistry systems feature an automated sampler and diluter
Supplier news
24/03/11 - John Morris Scientific now supplies Asia, a new range of advanced flow chemistry systems by Syrris.
13,000-Litre Cartage Tank
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09/02/11 - Global Rotomoulding introduces a new line of 13,000-litre cartage tanks to their expanding range of tanks.
Poly-Dolly Dispensing Unit
Supplier news
27/01/11 - Prenco Environmental Spill Control supplies Poly-Dolly dispensing units designed for mobile dispensing of hazardous liquids.
Paste and putty manufacture available from Chemical Solutions
Supplier news
25/11/10 - Chemical Solutions offers paste and putty manufacture as one of the services provided by the company.
Drum Funnels
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04/11/10 - Drum Funnels from Spill Station Australia facilitate the difficult and messy process of decanting from one container into 205 litre drums.
Mobile Dispensing Stations
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03/11/10 - According to Spill Station Australia, Mobile Dispensing Stations are an effective way of safely moving and dispensing fluids from 205 litre drums.
Sieving / Filtering
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25/10/10 - Chemical Solutions can add value to products by sieving raw materials through screens down to 250um.
Lump crushers
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23/10/10 - ADS S/S lump crushers perform the majority of crushing work undertaken by Chemical Solutions.
Chemical resistant Super Tanks from Materials Handling
Supplier news
18/10/10 - The Super Tanks are food grade, chemical resistant tanks moulded from super tough, high-density polyethylene.
Hazbox dangerous goods cubic containers are ideal for use in chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Supplier news
18/10/10 - Available from CHEP Australia, Hazbox dangerous goods cubic containers have a 1000 litre capacity and are fully Australian tested and UN approved.
Team Systems’ rotationally moulded bin tanks designed for chemical mixing
Supplier news
03/10/10 - Team Systems’ rotationally moulded bin tanks are designed specifically to handle chemical mixing tasks with UV resistance and resistance to chemical attack.
Supplier news
28/09/10 - Alpha Chemicals offers anodising services to the industry by formulating a variety of chemicals and formulations for anodizing and colouring of aluminium.

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