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Triangular hazard strobes - civil, military, emergency services.
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Dotmar EPP is one of Australia's largest and most progressive engineering plastics companies, with a focus on equipment for the Waste Water Industry. Dotmar is able to manufacture and supply components for Sedimentation Tanks, DAF Clarifiers, Step Screens, ...
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ECOGEHR Bioplastics
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15/12/08 - Bio-based plastics are plastics that are obtained from at least 20% renewable raw materials. Dotmar EPP have introduced the new range of ECOGEHR Bioplastics that includes 9 different ‘green’ materials based on PLA, cellulose, wood fibres or castor oil.
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16/04/08 - Lion Electronics is a manufacturer of art work products and accessories. Lion Electronics manufactures a wide range of adhesives, fuels, oils, glow plug drivers, air compressors, air brushes, electric motors, model kits, dope and fillers, batter chargers ...

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