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Capacitive Accelerometers

Metromatics manufacture and provide a range of Sunlight Readable and Industrial LCDs, Single Board Computers, Panel PC, Avionics Cards, Data Acquisition Systems, Telemetry Equipment, Automatic Test Equipment, Pressure Sensors, Force Transducers, Accelerometers, ...
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Macey's Electrical specialises in providing high quality Test and Measurement Equipment. They represent AVO international, Megger, Biddle, Multi-Amp, Foster, Hipotronics, T&R, Clare, Rod-L, Radar Engineers and Aqua-Tronics.
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Testequip are suppliers of all types of inspection, measurement, NDT and materials testing equipment, specialising in supplying and sourcing a range of high technological and scientific equipment. Products include abrasion testers, coating thickness, ...
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Endevco 7290E low range capacitive accelerometer
Supplier news
25/09/12 - Bestech Australia offers the Endevco 7290E low range accelerometers that utilise unique capacitive microsensors to measure relatively low acceleration.
Dytran 7600B series capacitive accelerometers
Supplier news
25/08/10 - Dytran Instruments has just released a new series of high performance, variable capacitance accelerometers, distributed in Australia by Metromatics.
Hipotronics CET-1500 capacitive discharge fault locator
Supplier news
29/04/09 - Hipotronics CET-1500 capacitive discharge cable fault locator is available from Macey's Electrical. The Hipotronics CET-1500 capacitive discharge cable fault locator is designed to fill the requirement between the portable 5100 first response fault locating ...

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