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The BM45 pressure switch
Supplier news
16/02/09 - Pacific Sensor Technologies offer the BM45 pressure switch for bin and silo level measurement. The BM45 is a pressure switch that provides simple, low cost point level control in bin and silos with pr
The 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system
Supplier news
13/02/09 - The easy-to-use 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system, available from Scientific Devices Aust, performs lab grade DC and pulse device characterisation, real-time plotting and analysis with pr
ME Systeme DA40, DA54 and DAdX strain sensors available from Bestech Australia
Supplier news
12/02/09 - Bestech Australia provide DA40/DA54/DAdx strain sensors from ME Systeme. These strain sensors are used for high-resolution acquisition of forces and deformations on large components, for example, presse
Calibration noise sources
Supplier news
12/02/09 - Scientific Devices Aust, providers of test and measurement equipment, offer a range of calibration noise sources from Noisecom.Noisecom has several module styles with varying BW and power levels to ca
GHS series LVDT-based gauging probes
Supplier news
11/02/09 - In hostile environments, such as the shop floor, gauging probes can encounter serious problems. For example, the zero-clearance linear ball bearing must be protected from the slightest contamination or it jams up and fails. The thinness of the probe ...
The wi8 meter-scanner-controller
Supplier news
11/02/09 - The new Newport wiSeries meter-scanner-controller, available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration, works with a large number of Newport wireless sensors such as temperature measurement with thermocouples, RTDs, and semiconductor sensors, relative ...
BoltSafe Sensor CMS
Supplier news
10/02/09 - The BoltSafe Sensor CMS, available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration, employs an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) in each unit, which performs all the signal conditioning, digital
BoltSafe Sensors PMS
Supplier news
09/02/09 - BoltSafe Sensor PMS (Periodic Monitoring System), available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration, is a specially designed sensor to monitor the residual bolt load in bolted joints.
NOSHOK 300 Series pressure transducers
Supplier news
05/02/09 - NOSHOK 300 Series compact-sized pressure transducer delivers long term stability during operation, and is suitable for use in general industrial applications where space is limited and durability is essential. NOSHOK 300 Series pressure transducers are ...
DC-LVDT position sensors
Supplier news
04/02/09 - Bestech Australia present the DC750 series of DC-operated LVDTs from Macrosensors. These LVDTs (linear variable differential transformers) are designed for a wide range of position measurement applications.
PFM3000 hand-held frequency counter
Supplier news
04/02/09 - The new PFM3000 from TTi, represented in Australia by Emona Instruments, is a European built hand-held frequency counter, which can measure signals from below 3Hz to above 3GHz.
The PST-D3631 thermometer/hygrometer data logger
Supplier news
04/02/09 - Pacific Sensor Technologies have released the PST-D3631 - Thermometer - hygrometer data logger that offers simultaneous reading of temperature and air relative humidity, dew point temperature reading and built-in sensors, along with a cinch connector ...

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