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Portable MiniRAE 3000 handheld VOC monitors
Supplier news
02/04/09 - The MiniRAE 3000 handheld VOC (volatile organic compound) monitors are the latest addition to Air-Met Scientific PID fleet.
Edge noise dosimeter
Supplier news
01/04/09 - The edge noise dosimeter, available from Air-Met Scientific, is a sound level meter. In addition to its small size and weight (85g) the edge noise dosimeter has a cable-free design. The edge noise
Mini-buck pump calibrator
Supplier news
31/03/09 - The mini-buck pump calibrator, available from Air-Met Scientific, is suitable for day-to-day flow verification and calibration of personal and environmental sampling pumps. The mini-buck pump cali
Optocontrol 2600 high speed LED micrometer
Supplier news
30/03/09 - Bestech Australia offer the Optocontrol 2600 high speed LED micrometer, from Micro-Epsilon, Germany. It is a measurement system with an integral high resolution CCD camera for geometrical measurements
LVC 2500 LVDT signal conditioner
Supplier news
24/03/09 - Bestech Australia offer the LVC 2500 LVDT signal conditioner, from Macrosensors, USA. This is a single channel signal conditioner that operates on 10 to 30 volts DC power to support standard LVDT, RVDT, and VRT half-bridge sensors.
High precision pressure transmitter
Supplier news
23/03/09 - Bestech Australia offer the series 33X and 35X high precision pressure transmitters from Keller.
PH222 immersible pocket style pH meter
Supplier news
20/03/09 - ECEFast have released the new PH222 immersible pocket style pH meter. The PH222 immersible pocket style pH meter is compact and rugged, with replaceable pH electrode, delivering accurate measurements of pH and temperature.
Noshok series
Supplier news
19/03/09 - The Noshok series 10 fractional gauges, available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration, are designed to meet the demands of food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.
ECECal dry well calibrator
Supplier news
19/03/09 - ECEFast have made this practical with a low cost dry well calibrator for temperatures between ambient +20C and 250C. It is fitted with 100mm deep test pockets for probes, of 3, 4.5 and 6mm diameter. Special inserts with other diameters can be supplied.
SSY0091P dual axis inclinometer
Supplier news
18/03/09 - Bestech Australia offer the SSY0091P dual axis inclinometer, from Spectron Systems Technology. The SSY0091P dual axis inclinometer combines the SP 5000 series sensor with CMOS signal conditioning circuitry. The result is a high performance and low cost ...
Excalibur thermocouple
Supplier news
17/03/09 - Excalibur thermocouple, available from ECEFast, is suitable for continuous use at 1170°C for several months. The swaging process causes the sensor to have compacted MgO, eliminating air from the therm
Supplier news
16/03/09 - ECEFast manufacture thermocouples for non ferrous melts, in several designs, and use a variety of metallic and ceramic sheath materials. In many cases, the user has a preference based on long experien

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