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CA450 Process multimeter
Supplier news
10/02/11 - The new Yokogawa CA450 process multimeters, available from Yokogawa Australia are onsite measuring instruments that combine the functions of digital multimeters as well as calibrators.
Beamex MC5 Multifunction NATA Calibrators
Supplier news
28/01/11 - TR now offer the Beamex MC5 Multifunction NATA Calibrators as part of their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.
Jofra DPC-500 Documenting Pressure Calibrators
Supplier news
27/01/11 - TR now offer the Jofra DPC-500 Documenting Pressure Calibrator 1000 bar as part of their test and measurement rental fleet.
PM 6685R frequency counters from Fluke Australia
Supplier news
22/11/10 - The PM 6685R frequency counters from Fluke Australia are highly stable, highly accurate devices with the additional benefit of full portability.
Temperature Calibration Tool
Supplier news
01/09/10 - Instrotech Australia offers the Calog-TEMP portable temperature meter calibration tool designed for testing, measuring and calibrating all thermocouple and RTD-based systems.
Thermocouple process calibrator
Supplier news
12/08/10 - Practical Control Solutions has released the PC-HA_TC thermocouple process calibrator from Müller Industrie-Elektronik.
Supplier news
29/07/10 - 5500E multi-product precision calibrators from Fluke Australia have the basic performance and functions needed for electronic test instrument calibration.
Magnum Pro M series calibration pumps
Supplier news
28/07/10 - The Magnum Pro M series is a new range of calibration pumps that are provided to the Australian market by Instrument Solutions Australia.
Hart 9141 Dry Block Calibrator
Supplier news
14/07/10 - TR (TechRentals) has introduced the Hart 9141 dry block calibrator into their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.
Handheld Loop Calibrator
Supplier news
07/07/10 - Instrotech Australia offers the Calog-Loop II, a handheld loop calibrator with functions to install and maintain all powered and non-powered milliamp loops.
Faraday pulse probes approved for FORD-EMC-CS-2009 specification
Supplier news
15/04/10 - The Model PL7004 pulse probe from Faraday is the only commercial pulsed E-field probe approved for the new specification.
Documenting calibrators now available from AMS Instrumetation and Calibration
Supplier news
29/01/10 - By using a documenting calibrator from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration, the calibration results are stored automatically in the calibrator’s memory during the calibration process.

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