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UV stabilised EMC/VSD cable and gland
Supplier news
22/08/18 - The cables are suitable for both fixed and moveable connections in industrial equipment, process lines and machines operating in dry and damp rooms.
Chainflex hybrid servo cables
Supplier news
13/08/18 - Treotham offers the full range of Chainflex cables including control, power, BUS, fibre optic, and robotic cables.
igus’ new intelligent cable brings in a paradigm shift in maintenance and servicing through accurate prediction.
Supplier news
19/07/18 - Treotham announces the release of a new intelligent cable from igus designed to bring in a paradigm shift in maintenance and servicing.
There is no halogen or additive in Cicoil’s proprietary Flexx-Sil jacketing material
Supplier news
20/05/18 - Treotham has added a new halogen-free range to the high performance flexible flat cables by Cicoil.
A vertical standing energy chain application
Supplier news
07/05/18 - When working with a cable carrier system such as an igus energy chain, there are a number of options for installation.
Igus’ bundled design for the cables on long energy chain travels successfully prevents corkscrewing in production lines.
Supplier news
27/03/18 - igus has added two new PUR hybrid cables, CFSPECIAL.792.015 and CFSPECIAL.792.016 to their range of e-chain cables for robots.
ST-IPHD-2GOPOE HDMI over Gigabit IP extenders
Supplier news
26/02/18 - Interworld Electronics has introduced the new XTENDEX ST-IPHD-2GOPOE HDMI over Gigabit IP extender with POE to its line of video and audio extenders.
eco|mate RM metal shielded connectors
Supplier news
19/02/18 - Amphenol Australia presents a range of rugged metal shielded connectors and cable assemblies featuring EMI/RMI shielding capability.
The Triflex RS robotic cable carrier system from igus was designed with the less is more approach in mind
Supplier news
03/02/18 - Robotic cable management is in focus today because of its impact on machine reliability.
Supplier news
02/02/18 - Lapp Group introduces a new line of switches for Ethernet networks specifically designed for demanding industrial users.
E2.10 energy chain from igus
Supplier news
01/02/18 - Treotham introduces a new range of low profile cable-friendly energy chains designed for very small installation spaces.
igus’ module connect
Supplier news
21/01/18 - Treotham presents the new module connect from igus, an innovative plug-in connector designed for the connection of electrical and fibre optic cables.

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