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Fluke CFP-Q-ADD multimode and single mode fibre module kit for Fluke DSX-5000 cable certifier
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06/11/18 - The CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set improves the efficiency of fibre optics certification.
Cost-effective, guaranteed and UL-certified for the American market: The new igus chainflex CF8821 data cable from Treotham
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04/11/18 - Treotham introduces a new data cable from igus offering guaranteed service life and UL approval for moving applications.
The 370 certified chainflex cables are the only DNV GL approved cables for e-chains in the offshore market.
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31/10/18 - Treotham offers chainflex cables from igus designed specifically to allow safe energy and data transmission in maritime applications.
ADSS cable above neutral
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29/10/18 - Electric utility companies are increasingly employing their existing infrastructure to build and expand fibre optic networks.
Ultra flexible micro IDC ribbon cable
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16/10/18 - Treotham introduces the new ultra-flexible micro IDC ribbon cables from Cicoil.
The service life of the products are tested to more than 2 billion test cycles in 58 test stations in the igus test lab on a floor area of 1,750 square metres
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11/10/18 - Experience shows that even highly flexible cables in dynamic use in energy chains often quickly reach their stress limits.
AFL Team with Commissioner Cherie Berry: (L-R) Dominick Arrigo, Tom McLeod, Commissioner Cherie Berry, Brady Hudson, Ramces Alejo and Geoff VanderVeen.
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07/10/18 - Two AFL locations were recognised by the North Carolina Department of Labor and the Union County Chamber of Commerce for excellence in safety.
AFL partnered with the United Way of King County for the 2018 Community Engagement Initiative
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03/10/18 - AFL’s Community Outreach Program helped raise $14,000 for United Way of King County.
Softing WX4500-FA cable certifiers
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20/09/18 - Measurement Rentals announces the availability of the Softing WX4500-FA and Fluke DSX-5000 cable certifiers at a lower rental price.
SMC digital pressure switch_accurate reliable pressure
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12/09/18 - ​SMC will be showcasing at this years Foodtech Packtech New Zealand from 18 – 20 September
igus CAN bus cable
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03/09/18 - Treotham announces a new cost-effective CAN bus cable from igus specifically designed for highly dynamic energy chain applications.

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