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12/12/17 - Treotham introduces a new range of PROFINET cables designed for fast and secure data transmission in demanding environments.
Y-Circ P T-series waterproof push pull connector
27/11/17 - Yamaichi Electronics has added a new waterproof model to their Y-Circ P push-pull connector series.
The new cable combinations of Ethernet or Profinet elements and power cores in the CFBUS.PUR.H01 series not only save space but also offer reliable performance
Supplier news
26/11/17 - Treotham announces the availability of a new range of single cable solutions from igus specifically made for use in energy chains.
DSX-5000 CableAnalyser Series copper cable certifiers
Supplier news
23/11/17 - Measurement Rentals has expanded their growing range of DSX-5000 cable certification testers with the addition of a new copper cable certifier kit.
The new igus catalogue offers customers a choice of 1,354 cable types
Supplier news
13/11/17 - Treotham presents the new igus catalogue featuring one of the world's largest selections of e-chain cables.
Igus honeycomb strain relief for cables
Supplier news
10/09/17 - Cable tie-wraps are currently used in strain relief with every individual cable fixed to an e-chain.
Team Treotham celebrates 25 years
Supplier news
04/09/17 - Treotham is a market leader in the supply of high quality components from world-leading brands to the industrial sector.
igus ibow plastic angle adapters
Supplier news
29/08/17 - Treotham introduces the ibow, a new range of angle adapters developed by igus for quick and easy angling of cable plug connectors.
Hawke’s new PSG553/RAC barrier cable glands reduce installation time
Supplier news
27/08/17 - JT Day Pty Ltd presents a new range of barrier cable glands from Hawke International designed as a no-mess alternative to Ex d e cable gland installations.
QuickChain.100 allows customers to choose the right cable for their moving application
Supplier news
22/08/17 - Treotham presents QuickChain.100, a new online configurator designed for quick configuration and service life calculation of energy chain systems.
The new PT-TWIN Push-in contact inserts for heavy duty connectors
Supplier news
03/08/17 - Phoenix Contact has expanded their existing range of contact inserts featuring push-in technology for heavy duty connectors.
Supplier news
02/08/17 - Treotham announces the launch of a new CAN bus cable from Lapp Group ideal for installation in commercial vehicles thanks to its optimised fire behaviour.

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