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Cable Tensioning Systems

Intertech Engineering is a leading supplier of cable accessories as well as MV Cable Jointing and EHV Cable Jointing Services.
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Rock Bolts
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SafetyLink™  has been operating as a manufacturer of Height Safety equipment for over a decade. Our product range includes safety anchors, static line systems, permanent ladder systems and ladder stabilisers.
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Parts of a sectional door
Supplier news
06/04/09 - Sectional doors are suitable when thermal efficiency is a concern, where window space is desired for light, visibility, safety, or simply for aesthetic reasons. Doortec Australia’s exclusive process f
The 8826 Commercial Chain Hoist operator
Supplier news
03/04/09 - The 8826 Commercial Chain Hoist operator, available from Doortec Australia, is designed for commercial application to vertical lift, high lift, standard lift, front mount low headroom, commercial sect
8816 Commercial Chain Hoist jackshaft operator
Supplier news
02/04/09 - The 8816 Commercial Chain Hoist jackshaft operator is available in a 3 Button series I and series II controller.

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