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Cable Packs

Drag chain - cable/energy chain, flexible conduit, nylon conduit, multipin connectors industrial type from 10A-35A. Treotham offers a number of products including the Igus Energy Chain Systems.
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Rocktech provide ground support products, equipment and services to the mining and civil engineering sectors in Australia. Their product range includes cable bolts, cable packs, cable bolt accessories, theadbars, roll mesh, friction stabilisers, grout ...
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Welshpool, WA based Rock Australia provide ground support products, cable bolts, cable packs, thread bars and dynamic support systems.
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Robo Triflex -- protects cables.
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02/05/03 - ROBO Triflex is a flexible energy supply system for robots which operates in three dimensions to protect cables against wear or destruction and guide them in a defined bending radius. Modular Robo Triflex has a middle layer integrated with the chain ...
Helukabel Flexible Cables
Tom Chivari with HELUKABEL USA talks about cable products for material handling, including high-flex cables, Industrial Ethernet and BUS systems, trailing and spreader cables, antimicrobial cables, and cable accessories.

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