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Cable Lockouts

Electric and custom designed lock systems
Extreme Safety
Extreme Safety have a large of locks and tagouts that are able to safely and securly protect your property.
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Lockouts to prevent accidents and minimise workplace injuries
Cirlock manufactures lockout and tagout devices for controlling harzardous energy sources in all industry applications
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Cirlock specialises in Lockout and Tagout devices and equipment for all Energy Sources. Products include Universal lockouts for circuit breakers, lockout hasps, danger tags, safety lockout padlocks, multifunction cable lockouts, plug and hose lockouts, ...
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TSI Queensland are specialists in industrial labelling and safety solutions for mining and construction industries. Gloves, safety specs, hearing protection, height safety, lockout, safety clothing, boots, hard hats, sun protection, specialist eyewear ...
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Targus is the leading global provider of notebook cases and accessories. We aim to make your mobile life easier by providing cases & backpacks to protect up to 17” notebooks, as well as numerous peripherals like power adaptors, mice, security cables, ...
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We are able to provide expert advice from our many years in the safety industry. Whatever your safety problem we can help you, and work together to find a solution.
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Cirlock @ Sydney Safety Show 2012
Supplier news
16/08/13 - Cirlock Founder Erik Larsen speaks with Ferret.com.au about the history of his company before introducing a new range of safety lockout padlocks.
Defcon Key Lock to prevent laptop theft
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03/12/09 - With the latest specialty security range from Targus, businesses can minimize or even eliminate laptop theft.

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