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Cable Cleats

MacLean Electrical (Australia) Pty Ltd
MacLean Electrical is a specialist supplier of high quality industrial and hazardous area electrical and related products to support industries that demand high levels of reliability in extreme conditions and environments.
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IPD Industrial Products is a well established manufacturer and distributor of electrical switchgear and accessories. Key products include circuit breakers, fusegear, drives, contactors, relays, timers, metering, cable accessories, enclosures and modular ...
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Stainless steel cable cleats
Supplier news
14/10/08 - IPD Industrial Products provide a diverse range of stainless steel cable cleats to be used on single core cables in single and trefoil arrangements.
Heavy Duty Connectors and power supplies from JT Day
Supplier news
07/05/08 - Some of the products that have been supplied by JT Day to the oil and gas industry are Ex e and fluorescent luminaires, floodlights, emergency projectors, long life lamps, hazardous area cable glands, connectors and accessories, stainless steel
ALSTROM stocks a wide range of cable accessories.
Supplier news
08/02/06 - ALSTOM Industrial Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medium voltage and low voltage cable jointing systems and related cable accessories products in Australia.

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