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MMM-4711 and MMX-4711 data transcoders
Supplier news
22/01/09 - The MMM-4711 and MMX-4711 are a part of a family of data transcoders and are available from IRT Electronics for converting between MPEG2 transport stream formats for video distribution in the broadcast industry.
Mobile Equipment Vehicle Sensors
Supplier news
19/01/09 - Turck Australia have introduced their new family of robust inductive proximity sensors for use on mobile vehicle systems. The Mobile Equipment Sensor series is designed to detect the position of doors, ladders, outriggers, gates and booms, and delivers ...
S12 Quick-Connect connectors
Supplier news
07/01/09 - Turck Australia have introduced 4 and 5-wire S12 Quick-Connect connectors that expedite installation and mate to any fully threaded M12.
Q12 ultrasonic sensors
Supplier news
06/01/09 - Turck Australia have introduced a new ultrasonic sensor in a compact Q12 style housing that achieves a 40cm sensing range with a small 2.5cm blind zone.
The Caterpillar 793 Haul Truck (240 ton) chocked using two model 1911 Monster wheel chocks
Supplier news
19/12/08 - Checkers have introduced the new 1900 series - Monster heavy duty wheel chocks. Like their predecessors, the 1900 series are designed for the mining and construction industries. Checkers wheel chocks are stocked by their Australian distributor, Special ...
DeviceNet gateway
Supplier news
19/12/08 - Turck Australia have expanded their line of BL20 economy modules with the release of a DeviceNet gateway. This addition augments Turck Australia’s current PROFIBUS-DP and CANopen gateways for the BL20 economy system.
Keystone Electronics SMT clips available from NPA
Supplier news
17/12/08 - Keystone Electronics have developed a new group of low profile clips, which firmly secure inserted batteries and withstand shock and vibration.
Vivax CCTV inspection system
Supplier news
16/12/08 - The new generation of the Vivax camera system, available from Seba KMT AUS, offers three different cable lengths - 30, 60 and 120 metres. The Vivax system has either standard or self levelling camera heads.
Chase Ergonomics’ Tradewinds open cell neoprene body protectors available from OTB Products
Supplier news
10/12/08 - Chase Ergonomics have produced a new range of open cell neoprene body protectors that are suitable for warm climates, use under clothing or work in confined or stuffy spaces.
Heyco Rubber Push-In Bumpers
Supplier news
02/12/08 - Heyco Products, US based designers and manufacturers of wire protection products and electronic components, have announced the availability of a new line of Rubber Push-In Bumpers for through hole protection. Rubber Push-In Bumpers are available from ...
An Elfin safety light
Supplier news
10/11/08 - Treotham Automation have launched the Elfin Modular Safety Lighting range, which includes warning lights, access illuminators and machinery cabinet lights. The Elfin range of safety lighting is tough, durable and designed to provide clear, reliable and ...
Quick-Connect M16 powerfast wiring system
Supplier news
10/11/08 - Turck Australia announce the new M16 powerfast wiring system for machine power distribution and motor control. The quick-connect M16 powerfast wiring system provides a time- and cost-saving replacement for traditional hardwiring installations and complies ...

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