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Cordless and rechargeable LED cap lamp
Supplier news
03/03/09 - The new LC2.5I cordless rechargeable LED cap lamp is available from Special Mining Services (SM Safety).
Eagle Curb Ramps
Supplier news
02/03/09 - The New Eagle Manufacturing Curb Ramps available from Special Mining Services (SM Safety) are designed for pedestrians to negotiate a curb up to 20cm high.
Special Mining Services offer Linebacker GP and Checkers GP range of cable protectors
Supplier news
27/02/09 - The Checkers GP range of cable protectors from Special Mining Services (SM Safety) have a load rating of up to 10 tonne per axle.
SearchTIC thermal imaging camera
Supplier news
26/02/09 - OTB Products have introduced the SearchTIC hand-held thermal imaging camera, a hand-held thermal imager designed for urban search and rescue use. The SearchTIC thermal imaging camera is suitable for locating victims in and around structural collapse ...
Delsar LifeDetectors
Supplier news
25/02/09 - The Delsar LifeDetector LD3, available from OTB Products, is a seismic/acoustic listening device that is designed specifically to detect and locate trapped live victims in collapsed structures caused
Euchner CES-AP-C safety switch
Supplier news
23/02/09 - The Euchner CES-AP-C safety switch, available from Treotham, makes CES transponder technology available to protect small guards and doors.
Checkers and Koehler Brightstar product
Supplier news
20/02/09 - SM Safety have opened their online store. Checkers and Koehler Brightstar products, available from Special Mining Services, can now be purchased online. Customers can buy cable protectors, wheel chocks, razor torches, cap lamps, speed bumps, flagstaffs ...
Guard Dog cable protection unit
Supplier news
18/02/09 - The Guard Dog cable protection units, available from Special Mining Services, are a fast and easy way to guard and protect cable and hoses from damage and abuse. The cable protection units are suitabl
Supplier news
18/02/09 - Kappalyn Technology Solutions have installed CCTV cameras into a jewellery store on Sydney’s North Shore. Security cameras were aimed inside the shop but also gave a clear view through the shop window
ViewStream 500 (VS-500) digital video and audio player
Supplier news
17/02/09 - The ViewStream 500 (VS-500), available from Manuco Electronics (Sharp), is a digital video and audio player designed for HD (1920 x 1080) playback of MPEG-1, 2 and 4 and high resolution still pictures
The TP safety switch
Supplier news
16/02/09 - TP safety switches, available from Treotham, ensure that guard devices remain in the closed position until a hazardous movement, e.g. an after running main spindle, has come to a standstill. TP safety
4-wire Profinet cordsets
Supplier news
06/02/09 - Turck Australia have introduced their new 4-wire Profinet cordset line to provide plug-and-play connectivity for applications using Profinet protocols.

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