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Signet have it covered when taking all the safety precautions on your site
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Barrier Group Pty Ltd (formerly Barrier Security Products) specialise in removable and fixed bollards, speed humps, fixed/expandable and removable barriers for the control of pedestrian and road traffic safety.  Barrier was established in 1999 and ...
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Signet is a leading distributor of Packaging, Safety, and Cleaning supplies. Distributing nationally with despatch centres located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Townsville and Mt Isa. How Signet is helping Australia Compete It’s our ...
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Traffic equipment, variable message signs, lights, arrows and boards.
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Info-Board portable warning signs
Supplier news
26/06/09 - Barrier Security Products specialize in the area of portable warning signs with their top selling product the Info-Board portable warning signs.
Scorpion wheel clamp
Supplier news
24/02/09 - Barrier Security Products have manufactured and designed the scorpion wheel clamp. The heavy duty scorpion wheel clamp is capable of fitting a range of wheels from large 4WD to small sedans.
Retractable Cone Bars
Supplier news
04/02/09 - The new Australian made Retractable Cone Bar from Victorian based Barrier Security Products is a retractable or extendable cone bar with reflective bands for safety.
Rubber Kerb Ramp
Supplier news
03/02/09 - The new Rubber Kerb Ramp has an extensive range of applications on work sites and temporary walk ways. It is suitable for cars, trucks and hand trolleys.
Bollard protection sleeves
Supplier news
29/01/09 - Barrier Security Products have released bollard protection sleeves, which offer a quick, simple and economical way to recondition old rusted, faded or scratched bollards.
The ‘T’ Top Bollards
Supplier news
19/12/08 - As seen on highways and road works sites around Australia the ‘T’ Top Bollard has a 6 kg base for increased stability even in high speed traffic or windy locations. The blow molded polyethylene bollard is easily seen due to its fluorescent orange colour ...
The retractable bollard
Supplier news
18/12/08 - Barrier Security Products designed a Retractable Bollard, which is designed for medium security application such as traffic and parking control. This bollard locks in both up and down positions with a strong circular design 90mm diameter x 5 mm wall.
Supplier news
20/05/08 - Print N Promote is one of the print management companies. Some of the products and services offered by Print N Promote include A-frames, banners, bookmark rulers, bookmarks, brochures, bumper stickers, business cards, button badges, bunting and more. ...
Supplier news
30/01/07 - SYSPRO ERP - Financial modules provides an integrated solution that captures information from quoting to dispatch to replace the time-consuming, functionally limited Excel spreadsheets and manual processes being used by Epicentre.

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