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DreamVision X5 LCD PC
Supplier news
25/03/09 - PIONEER Computers Australia have released the DreamVision X5 LCD PC. The DreamVision X5 LCD PC features 15.6 inch intuitive touch interface, built-in 1.3 megapixel webcam and microphone, making it easy to take pictures or stream live images across the ...
Mastermatic compact fryers
Supplier news
25/03/09 - The Mastermatic compact fryer, available from Heat and Control, is suitable for catering or food service and can fry a variety of food products including breaded/crumbed chicken, beef and fish pieces, french fries, hash browns, meatballs and patties, ...
Corn starch polymers
Supplier news
18/03/09 - JMP Holdings corn starch plastic products look and feel similar to the regular plastic. However, they degrade and compost away naturally and safely. These plastic products are an alternative to fossil
DEC Module 24/2 amplifier
Supplier news
18/03/09 - The DEC Module 24/2, a digital 1-quadrant amplifier is available from Maxon Motor Australia with speed controller for brushless EC motors and hall sensors up to 48 watt.
Flex-Lag ceramic tile lagging
Supplier news
18/03/09 - Flex-Lag ceramic tile lagging corrects belt slippage. WA Belting Solutions ceramic tile lagging features high coefficient of friction that is available in lagging materials, which is about two to three times the friction of rubber in wet, muddy or dry ...
Hoist jibs
Supplier news
13/03/09 - Hoist jibs for wall mounts, available from King Materials Handling, clamps to a 50mm diameter pole. The pole can be either standard scaffold, or a length of pole can be attached to two brackets, which can be screwed to a wall or an existing vertical ...
Onboard forklift truck weighing system
Supplier news
12/03/09 - The onboard forklift truck weighing system, available from King Materials Handling, is a low cost reliable weighing system for forklift trucks, which fit directly into users’ existing hydraulic hose system, with load weights shown on a number screen ...
Telemetry load sensor shackle
Supplier news
10/03/09 - The telemetry load sensor shackles, available from King Materials Handling, can obtain exact weights on any load. The users simply need to place the shackle onto any hook, then hang the load from the shackle pin and the exact weight of the load will ...
Supplier news
09/03/09 - Pioneer Computers Australia have released the DreamMicro Atom Fanless Blade x10 NetServer. The DreamMicro Atom Fanless Blade x10 NetServer features 10x Atom based fanless Blade, IPMI or IKVM. Powered
Genie load lifter
Supplier news
09/03/09 - The Genie load lifter, available from King Materials Handling, has a 91kg capacity, a deck size of 360mm deep x 430 mm wide with a low height of 50mm.
The paper waste collection and handling system
Supplier news
06/03/09 - The Quality Group have moved from inner city Rhodes to the new industrial hub of Huntingwood in Sydney’s West and contracted Donaldson Australasia to design and engineer a paper waste collection and handling system for their 24/7 operation.
Medical tablet PC
Supplier news
23/02/09 - PIONEER Computers Australia have released a versatile medical tablet PC targeted at the health care profession and are working closely with resellers in the rollout of the product in hospitals, aged c

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