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WAMGROUP manufactures and supplies a comprehensive product range including equipment for Bulk Material Handling, Dust Filtration, Waste Water, Mixing and Vibration Technology. Strongly focused on the requirements of the market, WAMGROUP aims to produce ...
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Business operations with high throughputs on their production line will need to choose equipment that is best suited to those volumes
Supplier news
18/04/16 - Companies planning to invest in a complete bulk packaging system should first consider a few important factors before making the final decision.
Flexicon's rear-post bulk bag filler with Swing-Down fill head and low profile deck allows safe, rapid spout connections and removal of filled bags using a pallet jack
Supplier news
29/02/16 - Flexicon Corporation (Australia) has added a new rear-post bulk bag filler to its range of bulk filling systems.
NBE automated bulk material handling and packaging system
18/12/14 - National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE) has introduced a new automated bulk material handling and packaging system.
Sanitary, stainless steel TWIN-CENTREPOST bulk bag filler with metal detection
Supplier news
24/11/14 - Flexicon Corporation introduces a new range of stainless steel sanitary bulk bag fillers designed to detect and separate metal as they fill bulk bags.
Swing-Down fill head with wide-diameter spout seal allows safe, rapid connection of wide diameter bag spouts for passage of various bulk materials
Supplier news
24/06/14 - Flexicon Corporation (Australia) introduces a new ultra heavy duty bulk bag filling system for use in the mining industry.
Ultra-heavy-duty, skid-mounted bulk bag filling system includes a patented Twin-Centrepost frame, flexible screw conveyor, high capacity hopper, and PLC to control automated filling functions
Supplier news
26/09/13 - Flexicon Corporation (Australia) introduces a new bulk bag filling system for use in ultra-heavy-duty mining applications.
Mobile sanitary bulk bag filling system
Supplier news
07/11/12 - The new mobile bulk bag filling system from Flexicon Corporation (Australia) features an integral metal detector/separator and a tilt-down conveyor/feeder for dust-free filling at multiple locations.
Multi purpose filler features a fill head that seals against the inlet spout of bulk bags, or connects rapidly to gasketted transition adapters that seal against open boxes or drums.
Supplier news
12/06/12 - A new Multi-Purpose Filler introduced by Flexicon, dispenses bulk solid materials into boxes, drums and bulk bags, by weight.
Bulk Bag filling system installed at SA's Mindarie Zircon Mine
Supplier news
20/02/08 - A Bud-Pak bulk bag filling system has been installed for filling bulk bags with heavy mineral concentrates at a rate of 10 x 2000kg bulk bags per hour.

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