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WT11 Class 1 and WT12 Class 2 modules
Supplier news
11/03/09 - Bluegiga Technologies’ OEM Bluetooth module with health device profile enables safe integration of wireless connectivity for health and medical devices. Bluegiga Technologies, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, have announced that their OEM ...
SE4120 radio front-end solutions
Supplier news
10/03/09 - Fastrax have selected SiGe semiconductors SE4120 radio front-end to boost their software GPS to a sensitivity of –163 dBm. Fastrax, suppliers of high performance GPS receivers, GPS software solutions and tracking systems for location-aware devices and ...
F50C 3U CompactPCI single-board computer
Supplier news
05/03/09 - The new F50C 3U CompactPCI single-board computer, available from Dominion Electronics, is based on Freescale’s MPC8548 with clock frequencies between 800 MHz and 1.5 GHz. The 3U CompactPCI single-boar
The new series O-45 outside air temperature sensors
Supplier news
04/03/09 - Dwyer Instruments have released the new model O-45 outside air temperature sensors. The O-45 outside air temperature sensors are used for monitoring ambient air temperatures in outdoor applications.
The XM2 Computer-On-Module
Supplier news
04/03/09 - MEN Mikro Elektronik present a new ESMexpress module- the XM2 Computer-On-Module. The XM2 is equipped with the new Intel Core 2 Duo SP9300 with a clock frequency of up to 2.26 GHz and the graphics con
Supplier news
24/02/09 - According to Dominion Electronics, code maintenance is an important aspect of application development that is often ignored in favour of quick-to-market designs. For some applications, this may not po
Reflective Memory PMC for maximum data safety
Supplier news
28/01/09 - MEN Micro present the Reflective Memory PMC mezzanine card. The PMC module P512 is suited for use in safety-critical applications, and offers high transmission speed and flexibility. The PMC module P512 is available from Dominion Electronics.
EDS-P510 Gigabit PoE managed Ethernet switch
Supplier news
23/01/09 - Madison Technologies have launched the Moxa EDS-P510 Gigabit PoE managed Ethernet switch. The Moxa EDS-P510 Ethernet switch is equipped with 4 IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE ports and provides connected devices with
The BL4S100 single-board computer
Supplier news
21/01/09 - The BL4S100, available from Dominion Electronics, is a low-cost Rabbit 4000 microprocessor based single-board computer series that delivers ZigBee and Ethernet capability. On-board ZigBee RF modules offer mesh networking functionality to make networking ...
The BL4S200 single-board computer
Supplier news
20/01/09 - Rabbit's BL4S200 series of single-board computers, available from Dominion Electronics, delivers the features and wireless connectivity to support networking for industrial control applications.
The HC family of ultracapacitors
Supplier news
22/12/08 - Maxwell Technologies, available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution, introduce the new HC family of ultracapacitors, which includes compact, cost-effective, 25-, 50- 150-farad cells, all rated at 2.7 volts.
The Single Chip Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Solutions
Supplier news
19/12/08 - Future Technology Devices International (FTDI), available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution, have announced the availability of their 5th generation of USB to UART/FIFO ICs. The two new devices support the 480 Mb/s USB 2.0 Hi-Speed specifications.

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