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Elmass (Australia) Pty Ltd provides a contract broaching service and sells NC-controlled Broaching Machines and Broaching Tools / Broaches for high precision internal keyways and splines in through holes and blind holes.
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Spot On Tooling Supplies provides quality U.S manufactured cutting tools for the engineering and machinery industries. Spot On Tooling Supplies is a wholly own subsidiary of Wallers Precision Tooling and has a strong commitment to exceptional service ...
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Robinson International Pty Ltd is an importing manufacturers’representative and wholesaler of professional quality engineering supplies and machine tool accessories sold through distributors Australia –wide to the engineering, automotive, ...
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The broaches have a one-touch-cutter
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27/09/12 - The Nitto HSS 12DIA × 25MM model of broaches from Blackwoods are Australian made, and designed for use with magnetic drilling machines and more taper adaptors.

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