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Breather Filters

Hydraulic accumulators, coolers, ball valves, filters, tank accessories and water hammer vessels/water surge vessels.
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Andatech breathalysers helped pioneer the consumer market for breath alcohol testers. Andatech first offered breathalysers into Australian market in 2003 as an entertaining safety device that should be used by everyone consuming alcohol.
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01/06/09 - Breathalysers can test a person’s blood alcohol level after consumption of a few alcoholic drinks. According to Andatech Corporation, many bars, pubs, clubs and entertainment venues that serve liquor
Andatech AL6000 Pro
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25/05/09 - Andatech Corporation have introduced an affordable portable breathalyser aimed at reducing binge drinking and drunk driving incidents. The Andatech AL6000 Pro ensures an accurate breath test each and every time.
Andatech AlcoSense precision fuel cell breathalyser for worksite alcohol testing
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22/05/09 - With the development and affordability of workplace breathalysers, it makes smart business sense to bring employee alcohol testing in-house. Andatech Corporation now make it possible for professional and industrial worksites to own a highly technology-advanced ...

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