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Established in NSW, Positive Hire offers rental tilt panel and precast panel pro/braces services. The company provides lightweight push pull brace and props with a positive and personal approach.
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26/03/08 - Cliff Electronics Aust is said to be a specialist in offering a wide range of road case parts. Road case parts from Cliff Electronics Aust include a wide range of braces, corners, hinges, handles, castors and catches. Cliff Electronics Aust also offers ...
Miners Belts
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07/09/07 - PROTECTA Miners Belts are an essential tool for underground miners, allowing them to attach necessary and vital equipment to safely perform their work.
Data logging
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19/06/07 - Data logging is necessary in a variety of industrial, commercial and environmental circumstances. Sometimes data logging is undertaken to simply store data for historical reference whereas in other instances data logging leads to analysis and improved ...
Ben Dickson of JAI Constructions uses the new Universal Scaffold.
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15/03/06 - KENNARDS Hire says contractors in a variety of trades have been quick to embrace a new, versatile mini scaffold introduced late in 2005. The Universal Scaffold consists of three basic pieces, with the braces attached to the platform.
New mini scaffold provides a safe, level platform for work above stairs.
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15/11/05 - A new mini scaffold unit, consisting of just three parts, is ideal for work above stairs, especially in tight stairwells. Available from Kennards Hire, it is suitable for maintenance and trades work, signwriting, painting and cleaning. The lightweight ...
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02/09/05 - For roughly a decade, MEMS accelerometers have been making automobiles safer by triggering air bags in the event of a crash. But manufacturers of the tiny sensors have always had larger ambitions.
Tool kits to order.
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20/11/01 - RS COMPONENTS has increased the versatility of its tool kits to meet specific needs of technicians and engineers in most industries. At its nationwide Trade Counters outlets, the company's technically competent staff will assist in tailoring a personalised ...

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