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Lite 1100 container
Supplier news
12/01/09 - Victorian milk and cream producer, Breakfast Milk were concerned when a customer told them that it no longer wished to rent folding bag-in-box IBC. This meant that Breakfast Milk had to look for a container to buy. Breakfast Milk bought the Lite 1100 ...
Mobile CIP unit
Supplier news
10/12/08 - Inox Fabrications Australia have developed a compact CIP device suitable for most food and beverage manufacturers. Connection of the Mobile CIP unit to a process vessel or tank fitted with a spray-ball or a CIP valve is simple and cleaning is effective.
MAXIGAS on-site nitrogen generator
Supplier news
08/12/08 - The latest on-site nitrogen generation technologies, such as the MAXIGAS nitrogen generation system from Parker domnick hunter, are compact, cost efficient and suitable for smaller manufactures and metal processors.
The DustTrak II DRX aerosol monitor
Supplier news
08/12/08 - TSI Incorporated, represented by Kenelec Scientific, have announced the introduction of the DustTrak II and DRX aerosol monitors. The new DustTrak II and DRX aerosol monitors are battery-operated, data-logging, light-scattering laser photometers that ...
Product examples from RotaTherm Continuous Cooker
Supplier news
01/12/08 - The RotaTherm is a direct steam injection (DSI) cooking equipment that delivers precise control and consistent product, even for high viscous processed cheese products. RotaTherm systems are designed and manufactured by Gold Peg International, Australia, ...
CDN devices for immunity testing
Supplier news
25/11/08 - Teseq’s comprehensive range of CDN (Coupling/Decoupling Network) devices, used to permit conducted immunity testing in accordance with IEC/EN 61000-4-6, is available from Westek Electronics.
EMI Three-phase Filter
Supplier news
19/11/08 - The Schaffner EMI Three-phase Filter, from Westek Electronics, can fully utilise a three-conductor topology and is well suited to three-phase power drive applications.
Supplier news
19/11/08 - The global credit crunch can cause difficulties for some small to medium businesses, so it is advisable for customers to look at their business loans and the opportunities that exist to save money. With interest rates falling, Finlease recommend them ...
EMI and EMC Filters
Supplier news
18/11/08 - Schaffner EMI and EMC Filters for Power Inlets and PCB Mounting are available from Westek Electronics.
EMI chokes
Supplier news
17/11/08 - Schaffner’s EV/EH series RFI common mode suppression chokes, RN series current-compensated EMI chokes and RD series current-compensated EMI chokes are available from Westek Electronics.
Schaffner customised EMI and EMC filter solutions
Supplier news
11/11/08 - Schaffner's standard products, available from Westek Electronics, satisfy an extremely diverse range of EMI and conducted RFI requirements.
Robot welding cell
Supplier news
11/11/08 - Nachi Australia offer turnkey robot packages for a range of applications such as welding, material handling, palletising, packaging and vision based bin-picking. The robot welding cells are customisable from a basic robot and guarding package to a PLC ...

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