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From the I am eco range
Supplier news
18/09/14 - Detmold Group has taken its environmental packaging range to a new level with the launch of an innovative brand called ‘I am eco’.
Researchers are exploring biodegradable packaging made of chitin and chitosan derived from shrimp shells
Supplier news
23/07/13 - A major EU-financed project is focussing on the development of ‘active’ packaging based on raw materials from shrimp shell, which improves and conserves food products and biodegrades after use.
Made from 100% recyclable materials, Amcor's nursery pallet box is designed to protect flowers and plants while in transit
Supplier news
16/10/12 - Amcor Australasia was recently recognised by the Packaging Council of Australia for an innovative packaging solution it developed for brand owner The Canopy Network.
BioNet is manufactured using a starch based biopolymer, and can be easily extruded using existing equipment
Supplier news
24/08/12 - While established packaging companies have had to reassess their carbon footprint under the Packaging Covenant, companies such as BioPak have always embraced sustainability.
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20/01/12 - The Australasian Bioplastics Association administers a voluntary certification scheme that provides an assurance that products are compostable, and compliant with AS 4736-2006 and AS 5810-2010.
NatureFlex compostable films have been chosen for the packaging of flower bulbs
Supplier news
15/06/11 - Available now from Innovia Films, NatureFlex NVS transparent, cellulose-based compost packaging film has recently been chosen by Dutch exporters for the packaging of their range of flower bulbs.
Clear PLA biodegradable containers
Supplier news
02/05/11 - The unique blend of physical properties of Ingeo biopolymer makes it well suited for rigid thermoformed food and beverage containers.
BioPak's extruded BioPlastic Sheets
Supplier news
06/10/10 - BioPak’s extruded BioPlastic Sheet is an environmentally responsible product designed to help significantly reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.
Loosefill Packaging Material
Supplier news
23/09/10 - Bio-Fill Void Fill starch loosefill product has been designed to deliver a strong, resilient and 100% biodegradable packaging material
Research on tImber pallets alternatives to stop spread of invasive species by Packspec
Supplier news
20/09/10 - Packspec’s resources are invested in researching alternatives to timber pallets to enable exporters to free timber packaging of invasive species.
NatureFlex NM film
Supplier news
07/05/10 - Innovia Films’ metallised, biodegradable material, NatureFlex NM, has been selected by major confectionery manufacturer, Cadbury, to wrap its Flake brand in Australasia.
Wine cups made from plants not oil from BioPak
Supplier news
22/01/10 - BioPak has recently launched a disposable wine cup made from Natureworks Ingeo polymer.

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