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CHEP’s Plastic Pallet offers the attraction of being lighter in weight than wood and impervious to moisture. Reduced OH&S risk and potential for decreased transport costs.
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CHEP’s FMCG retail display pallets
Supplier news
16/04/14 - CHEP Australia introduces their retail ready display pallets developed in consultation with manufacturers and retailers for the FMCG retail supply chain.
Loscam beverage trays
Supplier news
06/03/14 - Loscam presents yet another breakthrough solution with the introduction of a new multi bottle returnable beverage tray.
David Edwards addresses GS1 Conference on Packaging Solutions
Supplier news
18/11/13 - Loscam General Manager - Group Business Development David Edwards recently addressed the GS1 Conference on packaging solutions.
CHEP reusable beverage tray
Supplier news
21/02/13 - A new-look beverage tray from CHEP Australia is opening up a reusable retail ready solution to the complete beverage supply chain.
Supplier news
01/02/13 - The multipurpose beverage tray and display pallet from CHEP Australia is helping a Melbourne-based beverage manufacturer prevent wastage and save costs in their operation.
CHEP's beverage trays eliminate around 1,250 tonnes of one-way cardboard packaging waste each year
Supplier news
20/08/12 - Pallet and packaging supplier CHEP Australia has been named a finalist in the NSW Government's Green Globe Awards for its innovative beverage tray equipment.
Supplier news
07/08/12 - CHEP Australia has been named a finalist in the NSW Government’s 13th Green Globe Awards to be announced on 3 September 2012.
Supplier news
01/05/12 - CHEP Australia welcomed members of the China Pallet Committee to the equipment pooling company’s Sydney headquarters recently.
CHEP’s display pallet with beverage trays
Supplier news
28/03/12 - CHEP Australia offers the display pallet and multi-product beverage tray as two retail ready innovations developed specifically to improve operational efficiencies at the store level.
Beverage trays
Supplier news
23/06/10 - CHEP Asia Pacific has developed a breakthrough beverage tray that reduces labour, merchandising costs, product damage and one-way packaging waste in the FMCG sector.

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