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Series 50 belt conveyors offer speeds from 2m/s to 50m/s
Supplier news
15/12/11 - Series 50 belt conveyors have been designed for use with light to medium weight products, up to 30kg/m, and are now available from Profilium.
Modular plastic conveyor belting
Supplier news
24/11/11 - Modular plastic belting by Intralox Australia is a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean conveyor belting solution.
Rydell's trademark registered unique egg belting system
Supplier news
10/11/11 - These specialist egg conveyor belts have been specially designed and treated to make them durable, washable and resistant to stretching, ammonia and methane gas.
Flexco’s CoreTech conveyor rolls are at least 40% lighter than comparative steel rolls and ideal for aggressive environments
Supplier news
07/11/11 - Flexco (Aust) presents the next generation of conveyor rolls designed for heavy duty use in conveyor lines in aggressive environments.
Uni M-QNB NS dough conveyor belts from Rydell Industrial
Supplier news
31/10/11 - Rydell Industrial and Uni Chains presents the Uni M-QNB NS dough conveyor belts that conveys bread dough with up to 60 degree incline.
Ammeraal Beltech hygienic gauze belts from Rydell Industrial
Supplier news
27/10/11 - Rydell Industrial presents their range of Ammeraal Beltech hygienic gauze belts that are ideal for the food industry.
Uni Flex SNB side flexing belt from Rydell Industrial
Supplier news
26/10/11 - Rydell Industrial presents Uni Chains’ Uni Flex SNB side flexing belt to solve mass handling dilemmas in the can manufacturing industry.
Modular timing belt conveyor
Supplier news
11/10/11 - Available from Robotunits, C4T and C8T modular timing belt conveyors are ideal conveyor units for the transport of bulky and heavy parts.
Wayne Durdin began working for Rydell Industrial in 1981
Supplier news
29/08/11 - Conveyor belting specialist Rydell would like to announce that Wayne Durdin has celebrated his 30th Anniversary with the company.
Supplier news
24/08/11 - Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co offers their supplies in Kevlar Belts, Pads and Tubes for the Aluminium/Copper Extrusion Industries.
Uni Chains Modular Plastic Belts
Supplier news
18/08/11 - Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co presents the Uni Chains high performance, rubber top modular plastic belts – an ideal alternative to PVC or modular plastic belts for incline conveyor systems.
XB175 and XB295 aluminium conveyor platforms can now operate at up to 80 n/min
Supplier news
19/07/11 - The XB175 and XB295 range of aluminium conveyor platforms from FlexLink Systems has been relaunched, and now incorporates a new range of performance enhancing features.

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