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Tug easily handles a heavy waste bin
Materials Handling P/L
Electroductive tugs are easy to use units that use push-button operations to make heavy moving light work, moving loads from 500-10,000kgs
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Liftmaster Materials Handling manufactures and supplies materials handling equipment including bin lifters and tugs. Liftmaster Materials Handling provides a wide range of products such as powered bin lifters, manual bin lifters, big capacity bins, ...
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Materials Handling specialises in the movement, control and protection of goods as they are manufactured, distributed, stored, used and disposed of environmentally and safely while improving profitability and productivity. Products include access equipment, ...
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Electrodrive specialise in battery powered materials handling solutions for industrial and healthcare/hospital environments. Electrodrive’s materials handling solutions include Industrial towing devices, bedmovers, powered trolleys, chassis' and ...
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R J Cox  is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of materials handling and hospitality equipment including wheels and castors, for the hospitality, medical, manufacturing, mining and engineering industries. Supplying over 15 brands ...
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Electrodrive Gzunda motorised bed mover
Supplier news
14/01/11 - Available now from R J Cox Engineering, the Electrodrive Gzunda motorised bed mover allows one person to move heavy hospital beds quickly and effortlessly.
Gzunda bed movers
Supplier news
21/04/10 - From April 20- 22, representatives from Electrodrive can be found at Melbourne’s Safety in Action. They are displaying their Gzunda bed movers and other products at stand L6.
Motorised Gzunda bed movers
Supplier news
27/05/09 - The Gzunda bed mover, available from Electrodrive, allows one person to move heavy hospital beds. The Gzunda bed mover motorised unit operates equally well with or without a patient, simplifying the task of moving beds or patients between wards, departments, ...
Electrodrive Tug for trolleys
Supplier news
23/12/08 - Trolleys are often pushed manually to transfer packs of green or dry timber into areas where they can be mechanically removed.
The Tug Mini mobile towing unit
Supplier news
22/12/08 - The Tug Mini is a new battery powered mobile towing unit with a capacity of 500kgs for moving a variety of trolleys. The unique battery powered Tug Mini simply hooks on to the existing trolley converting heavy trolley into an “easy to move” motorised ...
Gzunda battery powered electric bed mover
Supplier news
27/08/08 - The Gzunda, available from Electrodrive, is a battery powered mobile towing unit to assist in the movement of heavy beds and trolleys, eliminating back or shoulder strain.

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