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ACCUGAF filter bags now available from Eaton Filtration
Supplier news
10/05/10 - ACCUGAF filter bags from Eaton Filtration push the boundaries of bag filtration technology beyond traditional designs.
Bubble wrap bags
Supplier news
30/04/10 - Bubble bags are used to protect products whilst in storage or transport. They are suitable for large or small items such as furniture, sporting equipment, and electrical goods.
Tough low-clearance lifts bags from Enerpac compliment extreme forrce capabilities
Supplier news
16/04/10 - A new range of Industrial Grade Lifting Bags and controls has been introduced by Enerpac for lifting, pushing, pressing or moving loads safely and smoothly.
Vacuum Pouches
Supplier news
30/03/10 - Vacuum Pouches, otherwise known as Vacuum Bags, are commonly used to package perishable food products and to protect against moisture, micro organisms, keep items sterile and provide a leak proof barr
FIBC Bags from Crasti & Company
Supplier news
30/03/10 - Crasti & Company Pty Ltd provides bulk bags, FIBC's, PE liners, container liners and cargo slings to their customers. They supply FIBC bags that are used for packaging a wide range of materials.
Hygienic bulk bag conditioners
Supplier news
16/03/10 - Flexicon has introduced a new Hygienic Bulk Bag Conditioner for loosening of bulk solid material that has solidified during storage and shipment, allowing bulk bag unloaders to discharge it through bag spouts.
Hygienic bulk bag conditioners now available from Flexicon
Supplier news
26/02/10 - Flexicon has introduced a new Hygienic Bulk Bag Conditioner for loosening of bulk solid material that has solidified during storage and shipment.
Polypropylene resealable plastic bags
Supplier news
11/02/10 - Now available from Get Packed, polypropylene resealable bags are a high clarity plastic bag with the added benefit of an adhesive strip.
New range of dunnage bags now available from JMP Holdings
Supplier news
10/02/10 - JMP Holdings has launched a new range of dunnage bags designed with an inflator gun and valve that will dramatically reduce filling time whilst doing so in a much safer manner.
Manual bagging machine for Fertilizers, now avaialable from Accuweigh
Supplier news
19/11/09 - A manual bagging machine was recently commissioned by Accuweigh for a Western Australian based supplier of fertilizers. The manual bagging machine is used to bag 15-20kg bags of natural fertilizer int
The Hughes collection of laptop bags and rollers
Supplier news
17/11/09 - Targus, maker of top-selling laptop computer bags and accessories, has unveiled a new collection of laptop bags and rollers. Designed for the sophisticated urbanite, the new Hughes range combines classic style with functional appeal.
Security cash bags from Mega Fortris Australia
Supplier news
17/11/09 - One Time Use Security Bags from Mega Fortris Australia are specifically designed for the movement of private and sensitive material with complete peace of mind.

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