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Bacteria Control Systems

The Purifier (P/N# 170AIR)
GO Distribution
Offering the latest in O-Zone technology; the PURIFIER™ 170 works to eliminate the source of the odour – not by just masking it with fragrances.
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Air Purification Systems for Effective Bacteria and Virus Control from Biozone Scientific
BioZone Scientific International
The Air Purification Systems from Biozone Scientific provide effective control of harmful viruses and bacteria with workplaces.
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BioZone Scientific International develops and manufactures PhotoPlasma based solutions to reduce bacteria, viruses, mould spores, algae, VOC, and odours in the air and on surfaces specialising in air purifiers and bacteria control systems.
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IBC Water manufactures and services a range of ozone generators in Australia to meet the demands for chemical free disinfecting agents. Industry groups where ozone is currently being applied are: Residential and leisure, Hospitality, Food Processing ...
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GO Distribution, exclusive agents for Cliplight Manufacturing, have a range of products for automotive, domestic, commercial and industrial HVACR markets. These include UV leak detection dyes for all air conditioning applications, as well as, radiator, ...
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BioZone's InDuct system efficiently and effectively breaks down a range of chemical and organic contaminants
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23/11/12 - Many HVAC systems are designed to remove dust and particulate matter in the air, but relatively few are capable of breaking down chemical and organic contaminants.

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