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OTB Products provide a range of personal and body products such as cool zone vests, cool ties, neck and wrist wraps, cooling products and cooling seat pads. OTB Products also provide personal safety products for the workplace, safety matting, safe communication ...
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Clever chairs for better backs. Ergonomic office and industrial seating, workstations, screens and electrically height adjustable desks. Also reception, cafe, boardroom and training furniture.
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These back support belts help to prevent back strain and other associated injuries
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02/10/12 - These adjustable back support belts from Elliotts are made from breathable stretch mesh for guaranteed comfort, even after extended periods and in warm environments.
These back support belts provide enhanced comfort
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02/10/12 - The S6531 model of breathable Irwin back support belts from Blackwoods is available in either the RC-629-3 or RC-629-7 Series.
Self-tractioning apparatus for bad backs
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23/08/07 - The Back Aid is an apparatus that is essential for people who have back problems.The Back Aid is a self-tractioning apparatus wherein people with bad backs can adjust the arm rests according to their height as well as width.
Can be individually configured for different body types.
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22/08/05 - UPLIFTING Solutions has released a new range of Obus 10 ergonomic operator chairs to help bad backs. It features a patented back rest to provide support to all areas of the back and an ergonomically d

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