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The robotic boat will be tested against global competitors in the first-ever international marine robotics competition in Singapore come October 2014.
03/09/14 - QUT researchers are building driverless boats with the AI capabilities to "think" for themselves during emergency situations.
Autonomous robotics competition coming to Sydney
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18/08/14 - Young robot designers are preparing their machines to face off in a live autonomous competition.
KUKA.PLC mxA allows programming of robots using a PLC
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13/08/14 - The mxAutomation function blocks allow the robot to be commanded within the familiar PLC programming environment.
3D cables from Treotham Automation
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28/07/14 - Energy Chain specialist igus has expanded its proven 3-dimensional cable carrier line, Triflex, with the newly released TRLF-100 series.
Dassault Systemes boosts multi-body simulation solutions with SIMPACK acquisition
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14/07/14 - SIMPACK provides product designers and consumers with a physical experience of a new product long before it comes into production.
Top 9 automation trends
30/06/14 - The following technologies will play a major role in the evolution of automation in the manufacturing sector. Paul Miller explains.
Siemens and its partners have developed a model that calculates the best trajectories for robots from the standpoint of energy efficiency.
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24/06/14 - Siemens aims to develop reprogram existing manufacturing robots to operate more energy-efficiently without making changes to the production process.
Intralox named Modex Innovation Award winner
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12/06/14 - Intralox’s latest innovation, the OMNI-DIRECTIONAL Sorter, was chosen as the Modex Innovation Award winner in the Best New Innovation category.
Okuma Australia secures robotics distribution agreement
10/06/14 - Okuma Australia has secured a distribution agreement for Australia and New Zealand with Belgium robotics company, Robojob.
The completed AGV follows a track made of adhesive magnetic tape which is stuck to the floor.
07/05/14 - ROBOTEQ has a new application note and a demonstration video which shows how to build an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) using just two components.
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06/05/14 - Risk assessment is one of the easiest ways for companies to check if their machinery complies.
Companies who assume machinery purchased overseas complies with Australian safety standards could be making a dangerous mistake.
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05/05/14 - Risk assessment is one of the easiest ways for companies to check if their machinery complies.

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